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    Product & Brand News — Collagen For Skin

    What Are The Benefits Of Collagen Cream ?

    What Are The Benefits Of Collagen Cream ? Platinum Delux ®

    Collagen is a major component of your skin.

    Collagen is a substance that provides excellent benefits to our bodies. It accounts for approximately a quarter of the total protein and is present in the skin, bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage, providing them with resistance and elasticity and being essential for the muscles and organs.


    In short, collagen maintains many components of the human body in balance and is the primary substance that gives elasticity to the skin, preventing from wrinkles.


    Likewise, collagen is also found in many foods, and consuming them favors the natural wear and tear that this substance undergoes in our body is slower. Among the type of foods that contain collagen, the following stand out:

    Fatty acids: specifically omega 3, 6, and 9, help regulate hormones by intervening in the collagen production process. These acids are present in foods such as nuts and salmon.

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