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    Why Is It Worth Buying Luxury Skin Care Products

    Why-Is-It-Worth-Buying-Luxury-Skin-Care-Products Platinum Delux ®

    Why Is It Worth Buying Luxury Skin Care Products? - Platinum Deluxe

    Luxury skincare products have been getting a lot of buzz lately. Are they worth it? Or are they just expensive bottles full of snake oil? Well, let's dive into the details and see what makes luxury skincare worth buying in today's market.

    What is considered luxury skincare?

    Luxury skincare is a category of skincare products that are priced extravagantly because they are made using ingredients that are sourced from labs exclusive to them. The long story short is these rare ingredients are called proprietary or star ingredients and cannot be used by drugstore brands because they're too expensive to produce in bulk quantities.

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