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     Skincare Case Studies


    Case Study: Beauty Brand Skincare Line by Platinum Deluxe

    The Following Examples Showcase How Platinum Deluxe work With our Cosmetic & Beauty Clients Across a Range of issues To Deliver Actionable insights.








    Platinum Deluxe Century of History and Distribution in Over 35 Countries Around The Globe, Platinum Deluxe is One of The World's Most Recognizable Cosmetics Brand


    Platinum Deluxe® brand families started in 2012. Sold in more than 35 countries and territories, Platinum Deluxe® represents supreme luxury and transformative, high-performance skincare. Platinum Deluxe® is one of the most innovative and sought-after moisturizers, which was inspired by Shmuel Ovadia to help women keep their skin looking youthful and blemish free. Since then, it has evolved into what can only be described as a legend. Today, Platinum Deluxe® offers a complete range of facial skin care and body products—all harnessing the remarkable benefits of the Platinum.



    At Platinum Deluxe® there are several different types of job opportunities available. More information about the job opportunities is below. We are an equal opportunity employer.

    Retail Sales

    Whether you work as one of our Business Managers, Counter Managers, or Platinum Deluxe®, engaging your client with extraordinary service and keen product knowledge is critical to your success.

    Platinum Deluxe® Expert

    The primary responsibility of the Platinum Deluxe® Expert is to represent the brand at counter, and to educate and provide the client with the Platinum Deluxe® products best suited to their individual needs and preferences.

    Platinum Deluxe® Account Coordinator

    The Account Coordinator covers a territory and services all of the Platinum Deluxe® stores within that territory. The prime focus of the Account Coordinator is working closely with our Counter Staff, ensuring Counters are kept to the brand’s standards, educating the Platinum Deluxe® Experts about new products and techniques, executing events, and helping drive sales. If you have at least 3-5 years’ experience in sales, you may qualify for this role.

    When applying for a position, please email and reference in the subject line of the email the title of the position for which you are applying and geographic location. If your qualifications and experience indicate you may be a good candidate for the position, you will be contacted by a member of our team.




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