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    Luxury Revenue Share in percent

    No matter your gender, age, or ethnic background, everyone can benefit from investing in a skin care routine. Skin care products are unique among cosmetic products in that they are often deemed necessary by medical professionals, particularly products that offer UV protection. While many people wear no makeup or use no hair styling products, nearly everyone has some form of skin care product, even if it’s just a bottle of lotion or a tube of sunscreen.

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    SKIN CARE  ANTI-AGING TOP PRODUCT PICKS Face and Neck Creams/Lotions Moisturizers Serum face oils Sunscreens Chemical peels Toner face masks

    Why is platinum so expensive in skincare?

    Why is platinum so expensive in skincare?


    Who doesn’t love jewelry made up of gold, silver, or platinum? They say “ Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but when it comes to skin these precious metals can be your best friend too especially platinum. Cosmetic companies have been using gold, silver, mother of pearl, diamonds, and platinum lately due to their antioxidant and anti-aging properties. As the name indicates “precious” these metals are so expensive and the products infused with these metals are also too expensive. Scientists have been working on incorporating platinum in skincare products because of its amazing properties.

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    Platinum Deluxe Benefits of Platinum

    Platinum Deluxe Official Website

    Are you looking for the best quality skincare products? You are just at the right place. The Platinum Deluxe has come up with an eight-piece Platinum collection. It helps in beautifying the skin by the transformative quality of crystals. We have a large range of products enriched with natural ingredients involving the Platinum Collection. It protects and hydrates your skin with the anti-aging benefits perfectly manufactured for all skin types. The quality assurance is fully guaranteed with the magical touch and well-researched collection.

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    Use the Retinol Concentrated Eye Serum to Prevent Signs of Aging of the Under Eye Area

    As we start aging, various signs manifest on our face, including the eye area. Firm and toned skin begins to sag, while lines and wrinkles also appear. While aging is inevitable and can’t be stopped, you can certainly suppress and reduce signs of aging, and regain a youthful appearance as well. This restorative eye serum is just what you need as it contains an innovative blend of various ingredients to get rid of slackening skin, eye puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and other indications of aging.


    Try the Retinol Concentrated Eye Serum

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    Use the Resurfacing Night Cream for Rejuvenated Skin

    A common misconception about night creams is that they are only for people who have wrinkles and fine lines or have noticed early signs of aging. However, people as young as in their early 20s should begin incorporating night cream in their regimen, even if they have no visible signs of aging. The trick is to start taking good care of your skin from a young age before any issues crop up.

    Try the Resurfacing Night Cream

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