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    Product Description

    Our Collagen Boost Serum Provides Skin With Essential Protein & Drenches It With Hydration. The Serum Platinum Lux Collagen Serum

    About this item

    • Platinum Lux Collagen Serum are designed to stimulate production of this structural protein, which is responsible for youthful, supple skin, and fight back against sagging and fine lines
    • Platinum Lux Collagen Serum Platinum Delux can improve skin elasticity, reduce visible wrinkles, and increase blood flow to the skin
    • A “tightening” effect may be felt several minutes after the collagen has been applied. It is strongly recommended that you apply the collagen to the face, neck and décolletage
    Platinum Lux Collagen Serum

    Platinum Lux Collagen Serum InstaNatural Anti-Aging Collagen Serum

    Looking For The Perfect Anti-aging Skin Solution?

    Wish To Leverage The Power Of Collagen For Glowing And Flawless Skin?

    Why is collagen serum good for your face?

    Collagen Renewal Face and Neck Treatment Meet Your Younger Self With The Power Of Platinum Lux Collagen Serum

    Platinum Deluxe Platinum Lux Collagen Serum combines anti-aging Collagen and miracle-working Colloidal Platinum to leave your skin nourished like never before. Recommended for all skin types because it boosts elasticity, increases moisture, and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This is the best Collagen Serum and will penetrate deep to improve the skin’s condition from the inside out.

    This is a versatile cream for day or night. Using the Collagen Cream together with the Collagen Serum will help keep your skin feeling soft, firm, and always looking fresh. Recommended for daily use.

    with the intent of redefining the anti-aging skincare industry. Very few brands before this time implemented the use of precious metals in skincare, but Platinum Deluxe was ahead of the industry in this technology. We’ve created a unique formula to capture the anti-aging and antioxidant properties of this metal in a way that is safe for skin and brings out radiance from within.

    Collagen Face Serum Description

    - VITAMIN C 20% - Platinum Deluxe Serum contains the highest concentration of Vitamin C facial on the market; no other Serum contains the same amount of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E.

    - PROFESSIONAL SERUM - Our advanced formula promotes the training of collagen, fighting the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. As well as improving the firmness, tone and texture of the skin. Use it day and night.

    ANTIOXIDANT - Defends the skin against environmental aggressors such as the Sun and pollution, thanks to Vitamins C and E, powerful antioxidants.

    NATURAL - Effective formula, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We use the best Natural Ingredients: no parabens, mineral oils, sulfates (SLS or SLES), artificial colours or fragrances.

    SAFETY GUARANTEED - We are the experts in Anti-aging skin. Our products are safe for all skin types (dry, mixed, oily). Trying a new product for your skin is sometimes not easy. We're so confident you'll love it that.

    Platinum Lux  Collagen serums are used to turn back time and slow the signs of aging.

    Platinum Lux Collagen Serum

    The Science Behind Platinum Skincare

    This Premier Collagen Face Serum Helps You Leverage The Powerful Anti-aging Effect As Lines And Wrinkles Are Reduced With Regular Use.

    The Best Part About It Is That It Will Penetrate Deep Inside The Skin To Improve Its Condition From The Inside Out.

    It Will Also Boost Skin Elasticity And Moisturize It For An Extra Glow!

    our unique platinum formula for years before bringing it to market. We took our time to perfect the use of precious metals along with other antioxidant ingredients to create silky, moisturizing products that would stand out from others in the industry. We also use collagen-boosting natural ingredients to help retain skin elasticity for a bright, youthful appearance every day.

    Platinum is an antioxidant, which means it is capable of fighting free radicals (harmful compounds found in the skin). This property helps to reduce inflammation that can cause redness, puffiness, and uneven skin tone in the face. Platinum is also a catalyst to the chemical reactions necessary for your skin to absorb moisture and regenerate. This helps to keep the skin plump, smooth, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Platinum is a powerful skincare ingredient on its own, but with our specialized formula adding collagen and other antioxidant ingredients, there is no more powerful skincare agent on the market that can claim the same anti-aging effects. Our products help keep your skin healthy, radiant, and resilient to damage over time.

    Platinum Lux Collagen Serum


    Platinum Radiance. Platinum Luxury. Platinum Deluxe.

    Platinum Deluxe is redefining skincare, and we are mavericks in the industry. Our formula has helped change the lives of thousands of women around the world, and we want it to change yours next.

    Here Are Some More Reasons To Choose Us:


    • Made In The Usa
    • All Natural And Premium Ingredients
    • Comes With The Added Power Of Platinum
    • Cruelty-free


    Who can use the serum? Is it suitable for all skin types?

    The serum can be used on all skin types, both oily and dry. In dehydrated skin, it gives them that extra and deep hydration of the skin that they need. On the other hand, its light texture and the gel (in most cases oil-free ) hydrates the skin without saturating it, making it ideal for oily or combination skin. Dermatologists also recommend its use in people with blemish or acne problems.

    When to start using the facial serum? Above all, from the age of 30, its use becomes essential since the first signs of ageing begin to appear. The serum helps cell regeneration and delays the appearance of the first wrinkles.

    Apart from the night serum with retinol that we have already mentioned, other products can be found according to the skin's needs. Moisturizing, anti-ageing, illuminating or anti-blemish serums stand out.

    Platinum Lux Collagen Serum

    Platinum Lux Collagen Serum

    Meeting Modern Industry Standards


    • How and how many times a day to apply it?


    Its ultra-light and melting texture greatly facilitates absorption. One drop of product is enough for the entire face, neck and décolleté. Not by using more products, the results will be better. It is just the opposite. An excess of product can saturate the skin, hindering the absorption and effectiveness of the serum. To take full advantage of its benefits, applying the serum with completely clean skin before other easy-care products are recommended. Otherwise, these would form a layer that would make it difficult for the skin to absorb.

    Ideally, apply it twice a day, in the morning and at night. Unless otherwise stated in the product instructions. For example, there are serums with a specific formula for its application and night-time efficacy. These usually contain an anti-ageing complex called retinol. It is specially designed to boost skin cell repair while we sleep. One of its main characteristics is photosensitivity. Therefore, if we use it during the day, we must apply a cream with a sun protection factor of 50.


    • Meeting Modern Industry Standards


    We never compromise on quality. All of our products are manufactured in the USA under the strict supervision of licensed professionals. This includes sourcing the highest quality ingredients and ensuring all products are shipped well before expiration so you receive the greatest value for your purchase. At Platinum Deluxe, you’ll get what’s best for your skin.


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