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Exclusive Discounts Military Discounts Offered By Platinum Deluxe® Cosmetics

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Exclusive Discounts Military Discounts Offered by Platinum Deluxe® cosmetics

Military Discount

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Active military and veterans can find exclusive discountsdeals and cash back offers on Browse the latest offers and save today.

Active Duty, Veterans & Dependents

Eligibility: 68 Million in the US. Also allows UK, Canadian and Australian Forces.


  • Active Duty (currently serving in the Armed Forces)
  • Veterans (formerly served in the Armed Forces)
  • Dependents (spouse or child of above)
Who offers a Military Discount?
Companies in all segments offer a Military Discount. With 68 million Active Duty, Veterans and Dependents, a Military Discount enables nearly 1 in 5 Americans.
When adding a Military Discount, consider adding a Responder Discount as well.







Responder Discount

Verify  your eligibility to unlock this discount.

Police, Fire and EMT

Eligibility: 12 Million in the US. Also allows UK, Canadian and Australian Responders.

  • Law Enforcement (Police, Deputies, Federal LEO)
  • Firefighters (County, City, Wilderness)
  • EMT / EMS
  • Nurses / Doctors
  • Public Service / Government
  • Retired (of above)
Who offers a Responder Discount?
Companies in all segments offer a Responder Discount. In many cases, a Responder Discount is assumed when a Military Discount is offered.
There's some overlap in eligibility with our Medical Discount. VerifyPass will continue verifying and approving medical fields such as Nurses & Doctors. However, this can be less intuitive for customers. If a Medical Discount is desired, you should enable it.







Student Discount

Verify your eligibility to unlock this discount.

University Students

Eligibility: 23 Million in the US. Also allows UK, Canadian and Australian Students.

  • All current University/College Students
Who offers a Student Discount?
Companies in some segments offer a Student Discount. Brands with a primarily younger audience will enjoy the most success. This includes companies such as lifestyle brands, apparel, beachwear, style & design, makeup, art & more.






Senior Discount

Verify your eligibility to unlock this discount

Senior citizens (55+)

Eligibility: 59 Million in the US. Also allows UK, Canadian and Australian senior citizens.

  • Senior citizens aged 55 and over
Who offers a Senior Discount?
Companies in some segments offer a Senior Discount. Seniors typically operate on less income than active workers, so companies with older audiences will build excellent loyalty with a Senior Discount.
Certain segments may not find value in a Senior Discount, such as those with primarily younger audiences.







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