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10 beauty products any girl live can't without

Top 10 Beauty Product every women need:

Beauty and makeup are two different things. Firstly let's talk about what's the major difference in beauty and makeup. Beauty is your skin. I'm not talking about skin tone beauty means how glowy and bright your skin is. Sometimes dark tone skin is very skinny and attractive. It means it has a shiny and beautiful appearance. Whereas, makeup is artificially beautifying skin appearance but makeup is necessity these days every girl has her own favorites product which obsesses her and she loves to use it on a daily basis. That's why i would like to share 10 most favorite products any girl can’t live without.

10 beauty products any girl can’t live without:

 Following are the products 

  • Foundation


  • Concealer


  • Blush


  • Lips stick


  • Linear


  • Mascara


  • Highlighter


  • Primer


  • Tint


  • Eye ket



Foundations are of many types and it is especially mentioned for all skin types. It giver perfect bright tone and also change the posture of your face .

10 beauty products any girl can’t live without:

Blush or tint:

Blushing gives pink shade to your ase and tint is a new manufacture product in all flavors extracted from fruits to last it all day long.

Eye kit:

Girls who used to color their eyes with the contrast of their dress are obsessed with eye kits. It gives elegant finishing to the makeup.

10 beauty products any girl can’t live without:


Linear is in three colors, always silver, golden and black you can apply it in any shape you want it not only highlights your eyes but also enlarges your eye shape.


It is a necessary product with or without the liner it helps to pull up the lashes to highlight them.


Concealer is used to hide all scars and pimples and concealer have long day protection


Primer is applied before applying foundation to absorb it well and to brighten up the foundation.

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