Skincare routine for anti-aging Skincare routine for anti-aging Platinum Deluxe® Cosmetics

Skincare routine for anti-aging

Skincare routine for anti-aging

Skincare is a serious business, and it's something that everyone should take seriously. You can't just slap on some moisturizer and call it a day—it's actually a lot more complicated than that. We've all heard about how important skincare is for your skin, but there are so many different products out there that it can be difficult to decide what exactly you need to do for your skin. Fortunately for you, I'm here to help! I've put together this simple routine for anti-aging this month specifically because I'm really excited about discovering new ways of keeping my skin looking young and fresh. So without further ado:


Cleansing is the first step in your skincare routine, and one of the most important. Cleansing helps to remove dirt, makeup and other impurities from your face that can cause breakouts or clogged pores. It also helps to balance out natural oil production so that you don't overproduce oil (which can lead to acne).

The best time to cleanse is after you've washed off any residual water from washing your face with warm water. This will ensure that any dirt removed by cleansing remains on your towel instead of being re-absorbed into the skin.

There are many different types of cleansers available - liquid gel or cream-based cleansers are popular options because they're easy to apply but won't leave residue behind like bar soap would do!


  • Tone

Tone is the last step of your skincare routine. It's a crucial step because it helps to remove any leftover dirt from your skin, which can lead to irritation and breakouts if left on your face. Toner also helps to even out skin tone by removing discoloration or redness in addition to making sure that it's clean and ready for moisturizer application.

Many people don't realize that there are two types of toner: hydrating and cleansing. A hydrating toner will replace water lost during cleansing while also restoring moisture back into the skin, while a cleansing one removes excess oil and makeup residue without adding moisture back into the epidermis (the top layer). If you have dry or sensitive skin, consider using an hydrating toner; otherwise choose one specifically designed for oily complexions instead!


Exfoliation is a critical step in your skincare routine. It removes dead skin cells, which makes your complexion look younger and fresher. You should use an exfoliating product that's specifically designed for your skin type (e.g., oily or dry). A gentle scrub is best; you don't want to rub too hard or use something with sharp bits in it, since these can cause irritation or micro-tears in the outer layer of your epidermis.


Moisturize your face, neck and chest every day. Moisturizers are an essential part of any anti-aging skincare routine. They hydrate the skin to keep it looking healthy, smooth and supple by filling in fine lines and wrinkles.

Apply a moisturizer that is right for your skin type: oily/combination (oily areas but also has dry patches), normal (no particular issues), sensitive/dry (very dry). Make sure that you choose one with SPF protection if you'll be outdoors during the day - this will help prevent sun damage which can lead to premature aging! It's best to apply moisturizer before applying makeup since it helps create a smooth base for foundation application

You should do these things to fight aging

As you get older, it's important to take care of your skin. Here are some things that will help you fight aging:

  • Avoid sunburns. Sun exposure causes wrinkles and age spots, so make sure to wear sunscreen when going outside.

  • Eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables on a regular basis to keep your skin looking young!

  • Exercise regularly by walking or running at least three times per week for 30 minutes each time--this helps improve blood circulation which makes your face look less puffy!

  • Get enough sleep every night so that all those wrinkles disappear overnight!


If you want to fight aging, you need to take care of your skin. That means doing things like cleansing it and moisturizing regularly. You can also use toners and exfoliators to help clear away dead cells and improve texture. These steps won't work overnight--and they might not even seem like much when compared against how much time we spend on our hair or nails--but they're easy enough that anyone can do them!

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