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    Product & Brand News — Best K Beauty vitamin C serum

    Best Vitamin C Serums For Seriously Glowing Skin

    Best Vitamin C Serums For Seriously Glowing Skin Platinum Delux ®

    Is it Okay to use Platinum Lux Vitamin C Serum everyday?


    Many people have heard of the benefits of using Platinum Lux Vitamin C Serum to promote skin health and clarity, but are hesitant to put it on everyday. The truth is that using Platinum Lux Vitamin C Serum daily can be beneficial for your skin. Our daily regimen of moisturize, cleanse and apply a concentrated Platinum Deluxe Vitamin C cream will keep your skin looking fresh and radiant. It is recommended to use the Platinum Lux Vitamin C Cream together with the Platinum Lux Vitamin C Serum at bedtime or as needed during the day. You may also want to include an SPF sunscreen when you know you'll be outdoors or in direct sunlight during midday hours.

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