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    Should You Apply Eye Cream In The Morning Or At Night?

    Should-You-Apply-Eye-Cream-In-The-Morning-Or-At-Night Platinum Delux ®

    Should You Apply Eye Cream In The Morning Or At Night?-Platinum Deluxe

    For the most part, eye creams are all the same. They're designed to hydrate and nourish delicate skin around your eyes in order to prevent wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. While they differ slightly depending on what kind you're using (whether it's an anti-aging cream or a wrinkle reducer), they're all pretty much made up of similar ingredients such as peptides, antioxidants, moisturizers, etc... So why then is there so much debate over whether or not you should apply your eye cream in the morning or at night? Well for starters; there are some benefits that come from applying it before bedtime rather than first thing in the morning. Let's explore these benefits together!

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    Eye Care 101 | Platinum Deluxe® cosmetics Skin Care Blog

    Eye-Care-101-Platinum-Deluxe-cosmetics-Skin-Care-Blog Platinum Delux ®

    Eye Care 101 | Platinum Deluxe® cosmetics Skin Care Blog


    The eyes are the windows to your soul, so they deserve special attention. Platinum Deluxe® cosmetics has a wide selection of eye products that can help you maintain healthy eyes and fight against signs of aging.

    aging concerns.

    Eye creams are effective in that they are often very emollient and feature one or two “star” ingredients that help target specific aging concerns. For example, peptides may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while retinol (vitamin A) can help improve firmness and texture around the eyes.


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