How To Choose The Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream With Collagen? Platinum Delux ®

How To Choose The Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream With Collagen?

Is collagen cream good for wrinkles?

How to choose the best anti-wrinkle cream with collagen? 

When we refer to an effective anti-wrinkle cream with fast results and long-lasting dermatological effects, the thought automatically leads us to anti-wrinkle creams from the leading cosmetic brands Still, almost We never think of cosmetics made with natural products, based on 100% natural ingredients, which, in fact, pharmacies usually do not promote. 


We were also interested in the composition of the cream, the active principles that are the basis of the action formula, the speed with which the first results appear, and their conservation over time.


Why are natural collagen creams recommended?


A quality anti-wrinkle cream must guarantee an optimal level of skin hydration and, at the same time, improve the collagen synthesis process.


In addition, about 70% of the causes of wrinkles are due to the very harmful effects of UV rays in the composition of the action formula of a quality anti-wrinkle cream. Bioactive substances must provide a maximum level of protection against this negative factor that causes skin aging and accentuates expression lines.


And last but not least, a good and effective anti-wrinkle cream should guarantee positive dermatological performance for all skin types and users of all ages.


In this selection of cosmetics, several aspects have been taken into account. We believe we can form an opinion on the effectiveness and quality of the cream in question that fully reflects reality.

Anti-wrinkle creams, with a formula enriched with collagen

quality anti-wrinkle cream must guarantee an optimal level of skin hydration and, at the same time, improve the collagen synthesis process.


Natural treatments with creams containing collagen

Below are 3 of these natural treatments to rejuvenate skin and reduce wrinkles on the face, which we currently consider to be the best solutions available.


The Platinum Lux Collagen Cream is an anti-wrinkle cream with a 100% natural action formula containing collagen for standard and combination skin. Here the power of biologically active peptides increases collagen synthesis and, of course, reduces the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, the added hydra complex ensures fresh and youthful skin.


Then, the Platinum Lux Collagen Cream for dry skin with the active components of the cream produces a potent stimulating effect on the collagen synthesis processes, which subsequently leads to a smoothing of the facial skin and the reduction of mimetic wrinkles. Likewise, the nourishing effect of the treatment helps to ensure an essential supply of nutrients, vitamins, and micronutrients necessary for the regeneration of new cells in the skin of the face. 


If we talk about a night face mask, this Platinum Lux Collagen Cream has more active ingredients in its composition. These are avocado oil, argan oil, and glycerin. Argan oil is rich in protein, vitamins A, D, E, beta-carotene, and lecithin. 


Due to the unique properties of hyaluronic acid, which acts in depth on facial wrinkles, a lifting effect is achieved, lifting the contour of the face, thus giving it a much younger appearance.


For maximum dermatological effect and the best possible results, these creams and masks should be used regularly.

What anti-aging creams do dermatologists recommend?  


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