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    Beauty Tips Take Your Looks to the Top — Platinum (Deluxe Edition)



    Use of honey for skin care:

    Honey is a natural extracted organic product used for healthy skin routine and balancing your diet. Honey is used for both health and skin management. There are many additives added in the honey but you have to choose the product of honey e to apply on your skin carefully because you never know there might be some ingredients added in the honey e e that are allergic to your skin health. There are some benefits and major use of honey in the skin treatment as following:

    • To have a glass Skin tone for long term to avoid cosmetic surgeries 
    • For making healthier skin

    Benefits of using honey on skin treatment:

    There are many tricks to use Honey on the skin and some additives are added with honey to apply on the skin tone to make your skin bright, shiny, smooth and glass like texture etc.  


    Why waterproof mascara is better than ordinary mascara

    Why waterproof mascara is better than ordinary mascara Platinum Delux ®

    Why waterproof mascara is better than ordinary mascara:

    Mascara is a beauty product because it is getting advanced with the passage of time and beauty development in every country. Every brand has launched beauty products including mascara but there are various kinds of mascara.

  • Liquid mascara
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Thick layer mascara
  • Benefit of having mascara in your beauty products:

    Mascara is applied on the eyelashes and it is used to get the hairs of eyelashes giving volume to eyes because it will help you to prominent your eyes texture in your facial characters. As we discussed earlier, mascara are of many kinds and every mascara has its own specialty. 

    Liquid mascara:

    Liquid liner is of black color and it is thin layered mascara. It is used for short eyelashes to make them elongated and in proper shape. Liquid mascara is easily removed. There is a thread that liquid mascara does not last long in the summer season.

    Waterproof mascara:

    One of the best products in beauty products is waterproof mascara which is really recommendable for every female because we don't know no where the environment falls.

    Waterproof mascara stays in eyelashes for a maximum 24 hours and no drop of water can disturb mascara texture.

    Thick layer mascara:

    Thick layer mascara is in liquid form and it has thick coverage. Thick layer mascara seems to be heavy to apply as compared to other mascara. This mascara will appear to be artificial eyelashes.

    How to apply mascara?

    There are different methods to apply mascara on every eyelash it's upon a person's choice.  The best mascara applying method is to apply your eyelashes horizontally. It will help you to enlarge your eyelashes in an easy method. When you apply horizontally and you use waterproof mascara this will help you to stay the mascara for a long time.

    French Female Beauty Hacks

    French Female Beauty Hacks Platinum Delux ®

    French females inspire every other country's women when it comes to the determination of natural beauty worldwide.

    So it is important to look forward to their daily skincare routine and acknowledge it by comparing your skincare routine with a French female skincare routine. French females have a modern mindset about the beauty skincare routines and are always used to experiment with homemade remedies on their skin other than the client's different products that they haven't used for. investigate their skincare and hacks and try to adopt their hacks in your daily skincare routine as well such as following:

    Don't touch your skin:


    Hacks for lips treatment without surgery

    Hacks for lips treatment without surgery Platinum Delux ®

    Hacks for lips treatment without surgery:

    Lips are a very prominent and beautiful part of our face like eyes and nose lips are also very attractive enough facial features and to protect them from all sorts of problems should be here first concern. lips easily get dry and many toxins can easily be attached to the lips surface because of the sensitivity of lips.

    Those who do not get a solution for making their lips pink and beautiful like all other models, the go for surgical treatment which can be harmful to your facial characters can damage your skin layers deeply and sometimes the surgery do not get a positive result and your lips might get look horrible so you should avoid getting surgical treatments to making your lips beautiful.

    Hacks for lips treatment:

    Keep your lips hydrated:

    Keeping your skin on your lips hydrated every time will be very beneficial for your skin. it will only boost the skin of your lips only. It will always look like you have freshly applied lip balm on your lips. You can use lip balm to hydrate your skin for any lip oil to hydrate your skin every time you should carry lip balm olive oil with you wherever you go as a skincare routine of lips.

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  • The Benefit of Peptides: Shani Darden

    The Benefit of Peptides: Shani Darden Platinum Delux ®

    The Benefit of Peptides:

    Peptides are special amino acids that are building blocks of pure protein that are required for the nourishment of skin

    i-e; albuminoids are special blood serum used as a moisturizer that involves peptides that give firmness. And bring your younger skin back. With the best smoothness and long-lasting elasticity.

    The peptide usage brings long-lasting elasticity with collagen and moisturization to your skin.