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Do you want to show off a pretty,

Do You Want To Show Off a Pretty, Fresh and Rested Look? These Tips Will Help you Get it

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There is nothing that ages us more than a sad, dull look, with signs of fatigue … Bags and dark circles almost put more years on us than expression wrinkles, so we must work a little to achieve a lively, loaded eye of light and freshness and use natural cosmetics makeup to prevent any side effects. These tips can help you reduce and prevent these unsightly problems. Take note!

1. Never go out without your sunglasses

It does not matter if it is a sunny or cloudy day, if your eyes are dark or light … You should always wear sunglasses to protect your gaze from clarity !! Even the grayer days can dazzle us and damage one of our most delicate organs. In addition, the first thing we do when something dazzles us is to wrinkle our eyes, which can lead to horrible wrinkles in this area. You don’t need to invest a fortune; some cheap sunglasses can be our greatest allies. Of course, you have to make sure that they meet all the requirements established by the European Union to protect your eyes. You don’t play games with your eyes.

2. Use contact lenses

It has always been said that the continued use of prescription glasses ends up saddening the look. I do not know how much is true in this statement, but the truth is that certain frames can leave some unsightly marks on the face and, in many cases, do not enhance the beauty of beautiful eyes. If you want to show off your eyes on a special occasion, you can resort to contact lenses , which are very comfortable and allow you to get more out of your gaze.

3. Appropriate eye contour

Cosmetics don’t work miracles, but they do help a lot. Now, you have to make sure you choose the right products well. You have to correctly detect your needs to make a good choice. What worries you most? There are true cosmetic gems that will help you reduce bags and dark circles, mitigate the happy crow’s feet and hydrate the area preventing premature aging of that area. If you are not sure what your needs are, consult an expert who will advise you and recommend the best solution for your case.

4. Masks to combat bags and dark circles
Make it a habit to make yourself a specific eye mask at least once a week. This gesture will not take more than 10 minutes and will help you to keep the area around the eyes decongested and much smoother. You can take advantage of the time of day when you see your favorite series to put some very cool hydrogel patches under your eyes. They are super nice and the area clears up instantly!

5. healthy diet and plenty of water
Yes, the lack of hydration, eating with a lot of salt, abusing white sugar, fast food and processed and refined products are some practices that can promote fluid retention in the eye area and trigger a serious and unsightly problem of bags .

Drinking plenty of water, eating a fiber-rich diet with draining fruits and vegetables, and including citrus fruits in your daily routine can help keep eye bags at bay.

6. Sleep 8 hours
A good rest is essential to keep puffiness and dark circles at bay. Sleeping 8 hours is advice that everyone is used to hearing, but when push comes to shove, few put into practice. We should force ourselves to do so, since everything works better after a good night’s sleep. Tiredness is one of the main causes that our eyes are sad and dull, so… To sleep soundly! READ MORE

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