Facial Scrub: What Is It, What Is It Used For, And When To Apply It According To Your Skin Platinum Delux ®

Facial Scrub: What Is It, What Is It Used For, And When To Apply It According To Your Skin

 Benefits Of Facial Scrubs & How To Use

Surely you have heard about the scrub many times, but you still have doubts about how it is used, how often, what types are there, or if it is necessary to include it in our beauty routine. Here we solve them all.


When we talk about exfoliating the skin neither more nor less, we are referring to cleaning it in depth, freeing it of dead cells and impurities, and, in this way, enhancing its natural beauty. In addition, the massage that is usually given when applying also activates blood circulation.


An exfoliant is a cleansing gel, cream, or enzyme whose formula has small particles that help remove dead cells from the skin, leaving it free of dead cells and impurities, which will help enhance the results of any subsequent treatment, such as moisturizing cream. Because it will allow it to reach the deepest layers of the dermis. And the best thing is that you don't have to spend a lot of money on scrubs, because you can also make yourself a homemade scrub, here we tell you how.


It is very simple; to use your scrub, you have to massage it gently over the face with small circular movements (or over the body if it is a body scrub), avoiding sensitive areas such as the one around the eyes and mouth. Start at the forehead and continue towards the temples and work your way down the face. Then gently rub from the bridge to the tip of the nose. After this, you should spread the scrub from the nostrils to the cheeks and down to the chin and jaw area. Do not forget to rinse the scrub with plenty of warm water.


How often you should exfoliate will depend on the product you use and your skin type (if you don't know, now you can find out with this TEST ). As a general rule, experts recommend doing it once a week for normal and dry skin and twice a week for oily skin. Insensitive skin, it is preferable to do it only once a month; consult with your dermatologist to clear up any doubts.

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