4 Basic Anti-Aging Lifestyle Changes Platinum Delux ®

4 Basic Anti-Aging Lifestyle Changes

4 Basic Anti-Aging Lifestyle Changes


With each passing birthday, we feel a little older - but just because you’ve left your youth behind doesn’t mean you have to slow down. Living a lifestyle structured around anti-aging habits can help you feel younger, even as the years go by. Try incorporating these suggestions (brought to you by Platinum Deluxe) into your daily routines to feel like you’re aging backwards.


Along with incorporating the following changes into your lifestyle, make sure to use high-quality skincare products from Platinum Deluxe to keep your skin healthy and vibrant! 


Choose Nutritious Foods


Eating a healthier diet is an essential component of an anti-aging lifestyle. Choosing processed, sugary foods can make you feel sluggish and bloated, while cooking with foods that have proven anti-aging properties can enhance your overall wellness. Consumer Reports states that incorporating more whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables into your diet can improve your mood, balance, and even hearing! Also, eating lean foods high in protein like chickpeas, tuna, and hard boiled eggs can promote weight loss and give your energy a boost.


You can easily whip up affordable meals with basic ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, like rice, veggies, and bread. For instance, you can try making soup and sandwiches, skillet rice, and “empty-the-pantry” stew. You could also experiment with legume quesadillas or spinach tortellini soup. 


Get More Exercise


There is no better antidote to aging than regular exercise! Moving your body can make you feel like you’ve turned back the clock a few years. Prevention.com states that doing squats can strengthen your joints, cardio can improve your heart health, and physical games that involve reacting to an opponent can even boost your brain health. 


In addition to buying a durable pair of sneakers, consider investing in a sports bra and stretchable pair of leggings. You can also purchase a smartwatch or fitness tracker. While you don’t need a smartwatch to exercise, wearing one can be a good way to stay motivated and see how far you’ve come! Plus, certain functions can even help you stay safe while you work out. 


Prioritize Stress Relief


Sometimes, it feels like we’re all stressed out these days - and unfortunately, there’s no denying that prolonged stress can age you. But there are plenty of easy ways to relieve stress. For example, by making an effort to meditate for even a few minutes on a daily basis, you can begin to lower your stress levels, lift up your mood, and kick your negative thoughts to the curb. 


Meditation can actually be a fantastic anti-aging habit: it can lower your blood pressure, reduce inflammation, enhance your memory, and even help prevent cognitive decline. It won’t take up much of your time, and it won’t cost you a dime, either! People of ages can benefit from meditation. 


Also, decluttering your home can provide substantial stress relief. And if you combine your decluttering efforts with deep cleaning and increasing natural light, you’re likely to put yourself in a more positive mindset. 


Get Plenty of Sleep


Do you often stay up late looking at your phone? Maybe you struggle to get enough sleep because your work schedule keeps you busy, or because you toss and turn due to anxiety. Getting your sleep schedule under control can prevent you from feeling older than your actual age. 


Why does quality sleep make you feel younger? While you sleep, your body produces human growth hormones, which speed up your metabolism, preserve your muscle mass, and even prevent your skin from sagging. Therefore, getting enough shut-eye can make you look and feel younger - eight hours every night can work wonders!  


Some people dread aging, but you can make a conscious choice to live your life to the fullest at any age. Taking good care of yourself is non-negotiable. By following these simple tips, you’ll feel stronger, happier, and calmer every day! 

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