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How Anti Wrinkle Cream works and its benefits in anti-aging skincare

Anti Wrinkle Cream

If you have reached this page, perhaps one of the main reasons is that the time has come when you realize that your skin begins to lose its natural elasticity and you begin to notice those annoying expression lines and wrinkles that, so much annoying see every time a @ looks in the mirror.


Aging is something natural, and we all come to it without exception. One day you wake up, and you realize that the firmness of your face is not what it was a while ago, so you decide to take action and attack it at the root.


To help you choose your ideal anti-wrinkle cream, I have taken the pleasure of preparing a ranking of the best anti-wrinkle creams recommended by dermatologists of the moment so that you can find the one that best suits the results you are looking for.


What to keep in mind before buying an anti-wrinkle cream

First of all, you must be clear about the result you are looking for. There are a multitude of creams on the market with different textures, ingredients and their concentration, which will determine the outcome you obtain after regular use, so an anti-wrinkle cream with a higher concentration of active ingredient and, of course, quality, It will provide you with better results in a shorter period.

It would help if you also considered its texture, so it will be an essential variable to believe in the results you obtain according to your skin type.


Their texture and ingredients are also very effective to complement treatments to treat other underlying dermatological problems, such as acne marks.


 On the other hand, anti-wrinkle creams, apart from reducing the appearance of the first signs of more marked lines of expression and wrinkles, are also very effective in combating various problems such as the prevention of signs of aging and spots caused by the sun, so it is highly recommended that you complement its use with a good sun protection cream and above all, the facial serum.

What is your type of skin?

It is the other fundamental aspect that you should take into account before choosing your ideal wrinkle cream.


Genetic factors mainly determine it. However, depending on lifestyle and environmental conditions, it can affect your balance.

To do this, examine your skin type. It is a very determining factor to take into account when choosing the best wrinkle cream. To do this, let me remind you of the four most common types of skin.

Dry Skin

Rough touch, sometimes wild and with a cracked appearance. It is a type of skin that reacts delicately to external aggressions and sudden changes (humidity, temperature, or environmental conditions). Touch is sensitive and therefore prone to hypersensitivity or "atopic skin."

Normal skin

I could define it as the right "balance" in terms of touch, feel and look. It is characterized by having delicate pores, smooth and soft texture, pink or uniform color, absence of impurities, and not being prone to sensitivity.

Oily skin

It corresponds to a type of skin with excess secretion of seborrheic cells, commonly known as "seborrhea." Pores are generally massive in size and visible to the naked eye and emphasize brilliance or paleness. People with acne problems, "pores or blackheads," tend to respond to this type of skin.

Mixed skin

Unlike dry or oily skin, combination skin is usually characterized by a predisposition to oily skin in the "T Zone," the area that corresponds to the forehead, chin, and nose.


Excessively enlarged pores can be seen in this area, with some impurities. However, the type of skin on the cheeks is usually normal or dry.


At what age to use anti-wrinkle creams

As the years go by, the body begins to produce a lesser amount of collagen, the protein that acts as an essential "glue" to keep the tissue of your whole organism well adhered to.


At the same time, it is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Honestly, after several years working in this sector, I believe that it is impossible to determine with exactitude the date on which each person will begin to experience a decrease in the natural production of collagen.


However, generally, after 25 years of age, the production of this protein begins to decrease, so it would be advisable to start using an anti-wrinkle cream from these ages. In this way, you could prevent the appearance of future wrinkles and the possible loss of firmness in the face.


If, in your case, you are still in your twenties, don't worry. This time would be perfect to start preventing it, incorporating the use of an anti-wrinkle cream into your daily routine.


Are anti-wrinkle creams effective?


Of course, they are effective, but they ARE NOT miraculous.

If you want to see actual results with its regular use, for this, I do not get tired, nor will I ever get tired of repeating it: perseverance is the key to everything.


You cannot pretend to buy the best anti-wrinkle cream on the market and think that by applying it only once a week, or when a @ deems appropriate, you will notice how wrinkles or expression spots disappear as if by magic. If you were thinking something like that, nothing could be further from the truth.

When are wrinkle creams most effective?

At night is when its effects become more noticeable
 since when you rest every night, the body repairs itself and begins the process of cell regeneration.


Of course, her thing is to apply the cream twice a day: morning and night.


Some people only apply it once. If what you are looking for is true efficacy and remarkable results, at least you should never fail to use it just before going to bed.

How to apply wrinkle cream

To apply it correctly, the most critical steps to take into account are the following.

Cleanse your face and tone if necessary

It is essential to eliminate impurities, dead cells, and polluting particles that your skin absorbs day after day.


On the other hand, cleaning is essential to avoid clogging the pores and allow them to adequately oxygenate, preparing the skin for the application of cosmetics so that you ensure the correct absorption of the cosmetic.

Don't forget the serum and the eye contour.

It is always applied before anti-wrinkle cream and after facial cleansing. 

Where to apply the wrinkle cream

To achieve perfect coverage, you must apply the cream to your face and neck.

How to apply it correctly

Its application is carried out in phases. First, take a small amount with your fingertips and apply it dotted to your face. It begins with your forehead, continues along your cheekbones, and ends in the area under the chin and double chin.


Then perform a gentle massage, making circular movements with your fingertips, from the inside out, until it is completely absorbed.

Next, repeat the process, but this time is applying it under the chin, neck, and upper area of ​​the neckline.


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