How to clean your brushes you use while applying makeup Platinum Delux ®

How to clean your brushes you use while applying makeup

How to clean your brushes you use while applying makeup:

Brushes mean the tools all products you usually  use to apply makeup for better finishing and long term staying. Brushes are of different kinds and each one specialised for a specific function that I will be discussing below.

What are make up brushes:

Brushes you generally use for applying makeup and better result because makeup is the only thing that beautifies your skin artificially and it looks elegant and modern.

Makeup is very common by the age of 8. People are getting more concerned about their products and applications people use to buy expensive products for their skin and best makeup or cosmetics to use for applying on their skin because there's so much competition around.

How to clean yourbrushes you use while applying makeup

Use of brushes:

  • Brushes are used to apply eye makeup because they are prominent in your eye surface and sometimes people who are having small eyes by the help of eye makeup can timely enlarge their I surface.
  • Brushes are used to conceal your facial characters to hide all the scars and wrinkles. Because people who used to apply beauty products with the help of hands that do not get a finish and their makeup do not last for long term that's why brushes are introduced in makeup products.
  • brushes I used to highlight your cheeks and Chin surface and brushes are also used to to enlarge your lips surface in addition brushes are also used to shape your eyebrows brushes are also used to highlight your eyes.

How to clean your brushes:

Brushes are taken in many types but the suitable type I prefer is to clean with warm water and boil it. one or two drops of soap aur face wash and mix it well then depew brushes for minimum two seconds and then watch them properly and then let them dry.

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