Platinum Lux Instant Face Lift combines powerhouse ingredients Platinum Delux ®

Platinum Lux Instant Face Lift combines powerhouse ingredients

Platinum Lux Instant Face Lift Set


Platinum Lux Instant Face Lift Set is a complete kit that includes everything you need to give your skin a quick, natural and long-lasting lift.

As Seen On Shark Tank - and seen on Forbes, Hollywood Today, ABC, NBC, FOX, People Magazine, and more!

  • As Seen On Shark Tank - and seen on Forbes, Hollywood Today, ABC, NBC, FOX, People Magazine, and more!

  • Introducing the first ever at-home spa system with instant results that lasts all night long. It’s literally like having a professional facialist in your own home!

  • No more expensive facials or waiting weeks for results. This is one of the most popular beauty gadgets available on Amazon right now (this system sells out fast!)—and it just got even better with these new upgrade packs that include an extra set of masks designed specifically for your skin type to give you even more radiant results in just minutes per day: Luxe Glow Express Boosting Mask Set and Luxe Glow Express Brightening Mask Set.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get that “just back from the spa” glow, this is a must-have beauty gadget! It works with just one click of a button, and it even comes with a USB-powered light that shines on your face to help you see better while using it.


Platinum Lux's Instant Face Lift

Platinum Lux's Instant Face Lift

Platinum Lux's Instant Face Lift

Platinum Lux's Instant Face Lift

Instant Face Lift Set Includes:

  • Day and night serums. This set includes two day serums and two night serums, which work together to provide deep hydration while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

  • 4 creams. Each cream contains a unique blend of ingredients that help to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.

  • Microfiber washcloth: The soft microfiber material helps rid your skin of dirt and makeup buildup for a fresh start every time you wash your face with this face wash cloth!

Day & Night Instant Serum

You can't go wrong with this amazing day and night serum. The formula is designed to help skin look younger, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots while protecting it from environmental damage. This powerful product can also increase moisture levels in the skin while preventing premature aging by restoring elasticity of your complexion.

4-pack of Instant Face Lift Creams

The Platinum Lux Instant Face Lift Creams are designed to be used in conjunction with the Instant Face Lift Serums. They help the serum penetrate deeper into your skin, providing you with a more effective and lasting lift. In addition, these creams can be used on the eyes, neck and décolleté for an all-over anti-aging treatment.

The four different formulas all contain natural ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E and chamomile extract; they each have their own unique scent as well: Botanical Rose (rose petals), Cypress & Mint (peppermint leaf), Lavender & Geranium (lavender flowers) or Vanilla Bean (vanilla beans). We recommend blending them together if you want to create your own customized fragrance!

Microfiber Washcloth

Microfiber is the latest technology in makeup removal. It’s gentle on the skin, and it removes all traces of makeup including waterproof mascara. This microfiber washcloth is made up of thousands of tiny fibers that work to remove every bit of dirt, oil and makeup from your face. Microfibers are also great for sensitive skin because they are very soft and gentle on the face. The best part? They’re machine washable!

If you want to keep your skin looking young and healthy then this set is for you. You don’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands on expensive creams or serums when you can use this Platinum Lux Instant Face Lift Set which contains everything from cleanser to moisturizer at one affordable price

Kit Contains Day and Night serums, 4 creams and a microfiber washcloth

The Platinum Lux Instant Face Lift Set contains everything you need to look and feel younger!

The kit includes:

  • Day serum. This serum is used in the morning to awaken dull skin and tighten fine lines. It also keeps skin moisturized for up to 24 hours.

  • Night serum. The night serum provides intense hydration with nourishing botanicals, leaving your face feeling younger, firmer, and smoother by morning. It's absorbed quickly into the skin with no greasy residue—perfect for those who want a lighter formula without sacrificing hydration!

  • 4 creams (night time cream, eye cream, day time cream & microfiber washcloth). Each cream helps boost collagen production while reducing wrinkles and fine lines to leave your complexion looking radiantly smooth again!


With the Platinum Lux Instant Face Lift Set, you can quickly and easily get the results of a face lift without having to deal with any surgery or expensive treatments. This set comes with everything you need to give yourself an instant face lift in just a few minutes each day!

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