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    "A Natural Accord" World Ayurvedic Skincare Company

    Shmuel Ovadia "A Natural Accord" World Ayurvedic Skincare Company BEGINNER'S GUIDE, DERMATOLOGIST REVIEWED, DERMSTORE NEWS, TOP PRODUCT PICKS Platinum Delux ®

    "A natural accord" world ayurvedic skincare company

    Mumbai Maharashtra India, April ANINewsVoir:afterwards a a success stint globally, the accomplishment of the items commenced in Bangalore in . with the aid of the end of this year they re manufacturing all Shankara products in India and should even commence exporting them to different Asian countries.


    an international accolade-profitable splendor and wellness company that draws from the age-historical principles of Ayurveda to create a band of a hundred per cent herbal skin-care products that mix the Ayurveda herbs from the East and the contemporary Actives from the West. Shankara has received the superior Ayurveda band at the American Spa Awards in . Shankara has seen a amateur chiffre growth for earnings in skincare in the course of the pandemic by way of E-business.

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