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    Case Study:  Beauty Brand


    Skincare Line by Platinum Deluxe® cosmetics


    Beauty is a valuable asset of women that requires time and money investment to stay alive. Platinum Deluxe values its customers’ needs and thus keeping a fair balance, returns the best experience. Skincare Line engulfs astonishing beauty products. According to Platinum Deluxe, the products contain ground-breaking featured fixings.


    Valuable Fixings


    Argon Immature Microorganisms

    Kasparian™ ocean growth separate

    hyaluronic corrosive

    Basic oils - Sandalwood, golden, rose and Palo Santo, to juniper, jasmine and tuberose


    Botanicals Fixings

    (Mica, Arnica, Nectar, Beeswax)

    Minerals (Amethyst and Jade)

    Homoeopathic Silver, Gold, Copper and Pearl composite powders

    Night primrose, moringa, calendula, ocean buckthorn, rosehip oils

    Bagasse, cupcake, sheaf


    Brief Introduction of Platinum Deluxe


    • Started in 20012
    • Sales graph accompanies more than thirty-five countries
    • Branding supreme luxury, the high-performance skincare range
    • Shmuel Ovadia conceived the most innovative and sought-after moisturizer


    Platinum - Golden Element of Skincare Range by Platinum Deluxe

    All the skincare products released by the firm contain platinum. Platinum is the symbol of luxury, and it thus brings luxurious benefits to the skin. It works best as an anti-ageing component and rejuvenates the skin making it look softer and radiant. Platinum not only provides anti-ageing benefits but as well possesses an extremely high absorption rate, letting the content penetrate the skin in-depth in an effective way to generate better results. The company skincare range is available for all skin types.


    Buy Platinum Deluxe skincare line products and reward your skin with the best, it deserves. You might wear the brand but can’t attract others unless you feed your skin with branded skincare products especially like the Platinum Deluxe skincare range.