Four Reasons Your Complexion Isnt What You Want It To Be Platinum Delux ®

Four Reasons Your Complexion Isn’t What You Want It To Be

Four Reasons Your Complexion Isn’t What You Want It To Be

Do you feel as if your skin is dull, dry, uneven, or simply not as radiant as it used to be? If so, you’re not alone! Most women struggle with maintaining a skincare routine that actually works. It can be difficult to commit to caring for your skin every day, and even when you do, it’s difficult to find the right products that will help you achieve the results you want. If you’re having trouble achieving the smooth, bright, and even complexion you want, we are here to help. 

Below are four different things you might be doing that are inadvertently causing issues with your skin’s complexion:

You’re not drinking enough water. 

Drinking water should be on your everyday to-do list for so many reasons. It ensures you maintain energy throughout the day, helps you stay healthy, and will boost the brightness and plumpness of your skin. When you’re dehydrated, your sin will look worn and dull. However, if you drink enough water on a regular basis you’ll start to look healthier and feel more radiant. 

You’re not washing off your makeup. 

Many of us wear makeup to cover uneven or damaged skin, but what we should be doing is taking it off! Wearing makeup for long periods of time (especially overnight) can clog the pores and cause the skin to break out. This can ruin a beautiful complexion overnight and take days or weeks to correct. Be sure to give your skin a break and wash off any makeup you wear before bedtime. 

You’re not protecting your skin with sunscreen. 

Sun damage can be detrimental to the complexion. It causes cells to die more quickly and will cause unevenness in skin tone if you get sunburned. UV rays are also a hazard to your health, so it’s best to wear sunscreen always if you’re planning to spend more than an hour or two outside. This is especially important during the summertime when the sun’s light and heat are more intense. 

You’re not prepping your skin with the right products.

Many complexion issues stem from skin not being prepped before makeup use. If you’re not using moisturizing products at all or are using the wrong ones for your skin type, you will likely experience inconsistency in your complexion. The products you are using may be for the wrong skin type, they could be too harsh for your skin, or they simply might not have the right antioxidant and collagen-producing ingredients to actually yield results over time. By choosing Platinum Deluxe, however, you can find the right blend of ingredients for your specific skin type and complexion concerns. 

You’re not sticking to a routine. 

Platinum Deluxe’s innovative skincare products are guaranteed to produce results, but only when used as directed. It takes time to achieve a soft, supple, and even complexion. If you don’t stick to a daily skincare routine, you are unlikely to ever achieve the results you want. If you want youthful radiance and even skin tone, ask the Platinum Deluxe team about curating a simple skincare routine that will work for you. 

Shop the Platinum Deluxe product lines for normal, dry, oily, and combination skin. We can help you create a simple, easy-to-follow skin care routine that will solve your complexion issues and leave you feeling radiant every single day. 

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