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How To Build Your Eyes Look Sensible Without Cosmetics

How to build your eyes look sensible without cosmetics:

Some of the eye's surface does not afford a lot of makeup in the form of eye look. 

Due to over makeup, this condition appears on your skin that you are not allowed to wear any makeup or cosmetic product on your sensitive skin surface. Dr. recommends you go with the natural look instead of using cosmetics on your eye surface. this article will let you know how to build you I look without using any cosmetic product, you would be thinking that how is that possible for those who are having dark skin tone or those who have dry skin texture how they can feel naturally beautifying the eye look.

 Curling your lashes:

 Doesn't matter if you are wearing makeup or not, most of you have seen in the makeup tutorials that models use curlers to curl their lashes instead of using mascara on their lashes. There are two different reasons for using curlers on lashes.



Curl helps to long lashes, it not only helps to long the lashes but it will make our eye prominent in facial characters which will look adorable. Curl is used instead of mascara because mascara makes our lashes hairs dry and sticky.

Select suitable color for clothes:

The Color contrast of your dresses plays an important role in the prominently of your eyes in such a manner that if you are wearing a dress suitable to your eyeball color it will prominent colors of eyes and your skin will look fair and elegant.

Color that suits all skin types:

  • Blue
  • Hazel
  • Green
  • Brown

Shaping your eyebrows:

Making the shape of your eyebrow will help you to make adorable eyes but there are different techniques to make the shape of your eyebrows. What is the most effective non-surgical face lift?  Ask a Question

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