Care As You Start Your Side Hustle Juggling Act: Balancing Self-Care As You Start Your Side Hustle Platinum Deluxe® Cosmetics

Juggling Act: Balancing Self-Care As You Start Your Side Hustle

Juggling Act: Balancing Self-Care As You Start Your Side Hustle


Starting a side hustle can be exciting and lucrative but also stressful. Trying to balance this extra work with your ordinary responsibilities is not always straightforward, and it’s important to develop a few self-care strategies to keep yourself healthy – both physically and mentally. Today, Platinum Deluxe Cosmetics has some tips to help you get started right.




Perhaps the most immediate and effective way to tackle work exhaustion is through your diet. Introducing more nutrients, antioxidants, fruit, and veg into your daily food plan is a surefire way to boost energy levels, concentration, and your overall mood. Whenever possible, try to incorporate fresh ingredients, bulk-cook, and make use of the various recipes available online.




Second only to diet, exercise is absolutely essential for any hard worker looking to stay healthy and energetic. If you’ve been out of the routine for a while, it’s important to be patient with yourself, taking small steps and working your way up. You can start with a short walk on your lunch break or jumping jacks in the morning and build momentum until you’re ready to engage in more rigorous activities, such as team sports.


You can also keep up with a steady exercise routine by setting up a home gym. This doesn’t have to break the bank, either – a few hand weights, resistance bands, and perhaps an affordable treadmill or exercise bike. Before purchasing any workout equipment, you should read in-depth product reviews from unbiased sources like Safe Smart Family.




If you’re suffering from intrusive thoughts, lapses in concentration, or general anxiety, meditation can provide an incisive coping method. Gaiam notes that there are a number of different forms, all with varying styles and benefits. Mindfulness meditation, for example, is the practice of training your mind to focus on the present, accepting and paying attention to sensations, thoughts, and emotions. Metta (or ‘loving kindness’) meditation is more specifically geared towards self-love and care for all beings. Find a style that suits your needs, and see if you can find some online resources to help you improve.




If you want to succeed in your professional life and avoid burning out in the process, you’ll need a sensible, satisfying sleep cycle. For those of us with busy minds, this is often easier in theory than practice, but you can often enjoy a deeper, longer, and more restful sleep by observing the basic advice. This means drinking plenty of water, lowering your caffeine intake, reading with low light and avoiding screens an hour before bed. 


Digital Detoxing


Speaking of screens, you can cut down on procrastination and feelings of anxiety and even improve your attention span by going on a digital detox, according to This is as simple as switching your device off (or putting it on airplane mode), placing it somewhere out of sight, and setting yourself clear boundaries about when you can use it again. To improve your chances of success during this process, make sure to give yourself rewards (coffee, baths, quality time) so that your brain learns to associate time spent unplugged with sensual pleasures.


Additional Tips


If you want to free up more time to be spent on your side hustle or doing the things you love, it’s often worth forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This will help you to reduce your personal liability, lessen paperwork and benefit from tax advantages. Using a formation service is a popular option, as you can be assured that all the boxes are checked and documentation is filed properly and on time.


Next, it’s time to get the word out there! While you definitely need to be active on social media, you should also think about starting a newsletter. If you aren’t sure where to begin, start with a Word doc, then save it as a PDF when you’re finished. If you ever need to make any changes or convert the file for a different platform, you can easily change it back to a Doc using a free tool; this deserves a look. It’s also a good idea to send out your newsletter via email and share it with relevant social media groups, as well.


For many of us, a side hustle represents a route to a richer and more enjoyable working life. This route, however, can be both hard work and exhausting, and it’s important to put in the hard work early to ensure the tone is set for a healthy work/life balance.


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