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Routine? Make Up in just Five Minutes

Routine The 5-Minute Make Up Routine

Applying makeup is easy but maintaining it for the whole day is not as easy as you think, there are lots of things to use for a perfect look daily, people who often are not used to applying makeup daily will face problems in doing a perfect makeup look in just five minutes .doing makeup at home is not an art, but if your makeup look is not seems to be done at home (means look like its done by  professional stylists) it meant an art of beautifying yourself. My makeup tutorial not just includes face perfect it also includes hairstyling also.

makeup in just 5-minutes



Following is the best makeup routine in just 5 minutes

Hydrate your skin:

Hydrating skin means washing face and applying moisturizer on your skin (must note that moisturizer should be suitable for your skin tone). It's important to note you have to go with this whole day and  you should feel comfortable.

makeup in just 5-minutes

Use concealer instead of foundation:

Foundation is having high finishing and it will not suit for the whole day. Concealer is applied patches, dark circles under eye surface, pimple and scars to cover them. Concealer is absorbed more in skin other than foundation.

Lip balm:

Lip balm is an advanced thing to hydrate your lips and to save your lip surface from dryness, darkness and from damage. It not only hydrates your skin but also fills the deficiency of lipsticks. Lipsticks are hard and while removing it can damage the lip surface.


Highlighter is also an advanced makeup material to glow your skin artificially and blushing is making your cheeks pink and baby pink color to be natural and prominent. To get ready in just 5 minutes you can choose between blushing or applying mascara

These four makeup back you can apply in just 5 minutes to give a beautiful and elegant look.

makeup in just 5-minutes
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