Use of honey for skin care:

Honey is a natural extracted organic product used for healthy skin routine and balancing your diet. Honey is used for both health and skin management. There are many additives added in the honey but you have to choose the product of honey e to apply on your skin carefully because you never know there might be some ingredients added in the honey e e that are allergic to your skin health. There are some benefits and major use of honey in the skin treatment as following:

  • To have a glass Skin tone for long term to avoid cosmetic surgeries 
  • For making healthier skin

Benefits of using honey on skin treatment:

There are many tricks to use Honey on the skin and some additives are added with honey to apply on the skin tone to make your skin bright, shiny, smooth and glass like texture etc.

Many times honey is added with the lemon to have for the balanced diet and a light amount of lemon and honey are mixed with aloe vera and rose water to apply on your skin tone to make your skin elastic and bright and free from every acne disorder. As everyone know that Honey has many skin benefits but there is some amount to use honey with another ingredients on your skin because there are different type of skin like; dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and each skin required  minute quantity of any ingredients to be applied if you apply  heavy amount of ingredients on your skin it may cause permanent damage to your skin layers.

Platinum Deluxe: ‎Beauty and Cosmetic Products


Honey is a very essential product for balancing your skin and helping both but you have to take care of your skin and help yourself by taking up optimum quantity of the product. 

Platinum is an antioxidant, which means it is capable of fighting free radicals (harmful compounds found in the skin). This property helps to reduce inflammation that can cause redness, puffiness, and uneven skin tone in the face. Platinum is also a catalyst to the chemical reactions necessary for your skin to absorb moisture and regenerate. This helps to keep the skin plump, smooth, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Platinum is a powerful skincare ingredient on its own, but with our specialized formula adding collagen and other antioxidant ingredients, there is no more powerful skincare agent on the market that can claim the same anti-aging effects. Our products help keep your skin healthy, radiant, and resilient to damage over time. 


Platinum Deluxe is redefining skincare, and we are mavericks in the industry. Our formula has helped change the lives of thousands of women around the world, and we want it to change yours next. 


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Meeting Modern Industry Standards

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