Why waterproof mascara is better than ordinary mascara Platinum Delux ®

Why waterproof mascara is better than ordinary mascara

Why waterproof mascara is better than ordinary mascara:

Mascara is a beauty product because it is getting advanced with the passage of time and beauty development in every country. Every brand has launched beauty products including mascara but there are various kinds of mascara.

  • Liquid mascara
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Thick layer mascara
  • Benefit of having mascara in your beauty products:

    Mascara is applied on the eyelashes and it is used to get the hairs of eyelashes giving volume to eyes because it will help you to prominent your eyes texture in your facial characters. As we discussed earlier, mascara are of many kinds and every mascara has its own specialty. 

    Liquid mascara:

    Liquid liner is of black color and it is thin layered mascara. It is used for short eyelashes to make them elongated and in proper shape. Liquid mascara is easily removed. There is a thread that liquid mascara does not last long in the summer season.

    Waterproof mascara:

    One of the best products in beauty products is waterproof mascara which is really recommendable for every female because we don't know no where the environment falls.

    Waterproof mascara stays in eyelashes for a maximum 24 hours and no drop of water can disturb mascara texture.

    Thick layer mascara:

    Thick layer mascara is in liquid form and it has thick coverage. Thick layer mascara seems to be heavy to apply as compared to other mascara. This mascara will appear to be artificial eyelashes.

    How to apply mascara?

    There are different methods to apply mascara on every eyelash it's upon a person's choice.  The best mascara applying method is to apply your eyelashes horizontally. It will help you to enlarge your eyelashes in an easy method. When you apply horizontally and you use waterproof mascara this will help you to stay the mascara for a long time.

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