5 Best Body Washes 5 Best Body Washes for Sensitive Skin in 2022 Platinum Deluxe® Cosmetics

5 Best Body Washes for Sensitive Skin in 2022

5 Best Body Washes for Sensitive Skin in 2022


Body washes are to cleanse, purify and remove excess dirt and oil from your skin while adequately moisturizing it. While soap bars might perform the same function, it should be kept in mind that body washes have special formulations to treat certain skin conditions. In this way, body washes also stand out from shower gels, not only in their texture but also in their deep moisturization property. Moreover, dermatologists recommend using a body wash if you have sensitive skin since the artificial fragrances and additives in soap bars can be super irritating. Soap can also strip the skin of its oils that are nourishing and essential to sensitive skin.


Ingredients to Avoid in a Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is when your skin reacts readily to any irritant and turns red, stingy, or burning. You may never know that you have sensitive skin until you apply a skin product with allergens or irritants. People with sensitive skin must keep a check on what they apply to their skin, as harmful ingredients may further aggravate skin conditions.

According to dermatologists, the following are some of the ingredients to avoid if you have sensitive skin:

  • Fragrance

  • Many body washes contain artificial fragrances to add a pleasant aroma to the products. These products may smell appealing but they can irritate the skin. So much so that fragrances can lead to skin inflammation, stripping off of the skin, weakening of skin, burning sensation, and stinging. Therefore, if you have sensitive or dry skin, products with added artificial fragrances should not be used at all costs. 

  • Alcohol

  • Although, alcohol is often seen in skincare products since it helps in water absorption. Yet there should be a right balance which usually is overlooked by skincare brands. It is recommended to avoid alcohol-based body wash especially when you have already dried or sensitive skin. Alcohol in skincare can deplete the skin while removing vital ingredients. It may also cause excess dryness which can render the skin more vulnerable. 

  • Salicylic and Glycolic Acid

  • While salicylic and glycolic acids are highly recommended for acne-prone or oily skin, however, they can injure sensitive skin. These acids rejuvenate the skin by removing layers and promoting new skin growth, which can be extremely harmful and irritating for sensitive skin. 

  • Sulfates

  • For some people, sulfates are not bad but people with sensitive skin should avoid using body wash with sulfates. It is because for most people, sulfates especially sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate can be highly irritating as they extract essential oils from the skin. Some dermatologists call it, “the harshest, most stripping” ingredient in a skincare product.

  • Other irritants

  • Apart from the major sensitive skin irritants mentioned above, your skin can be sensitive to any other irritant as well. You should just be wary of continued usage of a product that triggered irritation or burning sensation on the first few use. Dermatologists recommend testing a product for 3-5 days in order to ensure that it is safe.


    On the other hand, ingredients that can be beneficial for sensitive skin include; glycerin, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, aloe, vitamin E, moisturizing oils, and oatmeal. All of these ingredients provide multiple benefits such as cleansing, moisture retention, and hydration.


    Natural Ingredient Body Wash for All Skin Types

    If you are worried, then we have found one skincare brand that has a body wash formulated with all these beneficial ingredients. WBM Care Body Wash is a natural ingredients-based body wash that is proven suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin. This body wash is free from SLS, Parabens, sulfates, colorants, formaldehyde, and any artificial fragrances. 

    What’s even more exciting is that WBM Care has body wash for all skin needs; hydration, nourishment, cleansing, and deep moisturization. It comes in four different variants:

    1. Moisturizing Body Wash with Rose & Pearl

    2. Gentle Cleansing & Refreshing Body Wash with Lavender & Almond

    3. Soothing & Relaxing Body Wash with Chamomile & Aloe 
    4. Hydrating Body Wash with Coconut & Jasmine 

    Each variant is enriched with essential oils, nutrients, Vitamin E, amino acids, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and Himalayan Pink Salt to provide an ultra-nourishing blend of ingredients. WBM Care Body Wash is not only for normal skin but also for dry skin and sensitive skin. It has pH-balancing properties which are essential to maintaining healthy skin. In a nutshell, WBM Care Body Wash might really be the best body wash for all skin types and skin needs.


    5 Best Body Washes for Sensitive Skin in 2022

    If you are still looking for multiple options, then we have enlisted the Best Body Wash for sensitive skin in 2022, below. The list not only has body wash for women but also for men. Although, we cannot guarantee that these body washes are perfect for everyone yet these are the ones you should prefer when taking rounds of your local drugstore. 

  • WBM Care Natural Body Wash

  • WBM Care Body Wash has obviously made it to the top of our list considering its wide-ranging benefits and harmless natural composition. With Himalayan Pink Salt as its essential ingredient, WBM Care Body Wash aptly nourishes the skin with more than 84 minerals. In addition, their body washes are enriched with natural ingredients such as moisturizing oils, essential natural oils, and lipids like glycerine which seals moisture, and reduces dryness and sebum. The pH of the skin is a key factor in maintaining healthy skin. If there is a pH imbalance, the skin is immediately prone to redness, inflammation, and skin conditions. WBM Care Body Wash ensures pH balancing to eliminate any chances of skin conditions.

  • Vanicream Gentle Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

  • Vanicream Body Wash is especially beneficial for the treatment of eczema. There are absolutely no additives involved. It has no artificial fragrances, no essential oils, free from pH, sulfates, parabens, and dyes. The key ingredient is glycerin which helps in ultra hydration and enlocks moisture creating a skin barrier. Vanicream Gentle Body Wash is a deep-moisture body wash free from any strong ingredients.

  • Aveeno Skin-Relief Fragrance-free Body Wash with Oat

  • Aveeno Body Wash has oat as its essential ingredient. Oatmeal helps in the hydration of the skin and reduces dryness. That’s why Aveeno Body Wash is also recommended for treating serious skin conditions specifically for replenishing dry skin.

  • Nivea 3 in 1 Body Wash for Men

  • Nivea 3 in 1 Body Wash for Men is a body wash for sensitive skin. It has no added soap, parabens, sulfates, or drying alcohol. This body wash for men is enriched with bamboo extract and almond oil, and has a light citrus scent. It serves as a shaving gel, moisturizer, shampoo, and body gel. It gently cleanses the body while nourishing it. Bamboo extract is an anti-irritant skin firmer which can reduce the chances of skin condition symptoms, like dryness.

  • CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash for Normal to Dry Skin

  • CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash is considered the best for all types of skin. It is fragrance-free and sulfates-free making it non-irritant for the skin. Moreover, it does not strip skin of its natural essential oils, maintaining skin barrier and retaining moisture. CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash is a  perfect body wash for dry skin since it has hyaluronic acid and ceramides which help it deeply hydrate the skin while cleansing gently. 

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