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How To Change Your Skin Care Routine For Every Season

How To Change Your Skin Care Routine For Every Season

It's not just the weather outside that's changing—your skin care routine should change with it. If you've been using the same skin care products all year round, it might be time to switch things up and update your routine. There are certain seasons when different types of oils work better than others; likewise, certain ingredients in lotions can make a difference if you have dry skin or oily skin. But don't worry: we've got all the information about how to adjust your skincare routine for each season right here!


The spring season is all about renewal, and it's no different for your skin care routine. Spring is the perfect time to start anew by getting rid of the dirt, grime and dead skin cells that accumulated over winter--and maybe even some dry patches too.

Here are some tips on how you can change up your skincare routine for spring and summer:

-Invest in a good cleanser. -Use a gentle exfoliant with salicylic acid to get rid of dead skin cells. -Add a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher to your daily routine.


  • Use a moisturizer with SPF. It's important to protect your skin from the sun, especially in the summertime when you're more likely to be spending time outside.

  • Try using a light, oil-free moisturizer in place of your usual heavy cream or lotion. This will help keep your skin hydrated without feeling greasy or clogging pores like some more traditional products can do!

  • If there are any blemishes on your face (or if they tend to come up during this season), try adding some hyaluronic acid into your routine as well! This ingredient helps keep moisture locked in while also healing damage done by sun exposure and other factors like pollution--which makes it perfect for keeping those pesky spots at bay!


  • Moisturize more. If you have dry skin, this is the time to start using a moisturizer on a daily basis. I recommend using one with hyaluronic acid or glycerin, which will help to attract water into your skin and lock it in.

  • Use sunscreen every day! The sun's rays are stronger in fall than they are during other seasons (and especially if you live in an area where it gets colder), so make sure you're wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30+ every single day--even when it seems like there aren't many direct rays hitting your face or body; the UVB rays can pass through clouds and foggy conditions easily enough!

  • Try using a face mask once per week (or more frequently if desired). You can find inexpensive options at most drugstores or beauty supply stores; just make sure they don't contain ingredients that irritate sensitive skin types (like vitamin A).


  • Use a moisturizer with SPF: Winter is the time to take extra care of your skin, especially if you're going to be spending more time outdoors. The cold air and shorter days can dry out delicate facial skin, so it's important to start using a moisturizer with SPF in the morning and again at night. This will help keep your complexion looking youthful and prevent wrinkles from forming prematurely.

  • Exfoliate regularly: Once or twice a week is plenty for exfoliating during any season but especially in winter since our bodies are producing less oil than usual due to colder temperatures (and everyone knows what happens when there's too much oil on top of dry skin). If you have sensitive or dry skin, try using an all-natural granular scrub like sugar crystals instead of beads; they'll still provide the same benefits without irritating sensitive areas further down below where those synthetic microbeads might go astray!

  • Use masks regularly: Everyone loves getting pampered once in awhile--especially women! Masks made purely outta stuff like egg whites or clay can help tighten pores while also leaving behind some extra moisture before heading out into th..

Your skin care routine should change depending on the season.

You should change your skin care routine depending on the season.

  • In winter, use a facial cleanser that's gentle and moisturizing.

  • In summer, cleanse gently with a gel or foam cleanser that won't leave your skin feeling tight or dry.

  • For spring and fall: Use an oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen to protect against sun damage (and aging).


We hope that you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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