Benefits of Platinum lux collagen serum for skin Platinum Delux ®

Benefits of Platinum lux collagen serum for skin

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Serums are essential for extraction of unwanted extraction and they absorb more rapidly than any other creams. Serum with the best ingredients  are very useful for all skin types.  Serum specially reduces the effectiveness of UV radiation that can harm your skin's nature. And when collagen is mixed with serum it provides protein for skin that will be essential to maintain its naturally glow and to avoid all the chemicals that can harm your skin nature.

Platinum lux collagen serum

It not only provides protection but also removes aging and scars for face and skin.

Following are ingredient used in collagen serum that boost your skin nature:


  • Aloe Vera
  • Glycerin
  • Organic extracts
  •  Platinum 
  • Leaf juice extracts
  • Ascorbic acids
  • Carbomer
  • Acetyl hex peptide -3 
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    • Acetyl hexapeptide -3 

    Acetyl hexapeptide-3 is used in very important ingredients because it removes dead skin cells as well as to enhance their skin appearance. It helps to remove scars, wrinkles and involve fresh protein in skin for quick glow.

    Platinum lux collagen serum

    • Ascorbic acids:

    It helps to promote vitamin Cinto skin nature and it also helps to protect aging properties for young skin nature.

    • Carbomer:

    Carbomer help the ingredients to reduce the chemical effectiveness it acts as lotion, or a Moisturizer  

    • Leaf extracts:

    Leaves have very essential properties and in cosmetic products leaf extracts like aloe vera , citrus juice etc are used to enhance cosmetic product effectiveness and help to moisturize your skin nature.

    • Platinum:

    Platinum has been shown to exhibit antioxidant activity, reducing inflammation and free-radical damage

    Platinum is a unique ingredient in platinum deluxe products to remove acne, wrinkles, it helps to remove acne scars quickly.

    • glycerine:

    Platinum lux collagen serum

    It is used for every skin nature like dryness , patches , use as anti aging it soften your skin tone immediately.

    These 6 ingredients are used to manufacture platinum lux collagen serum and these are top manufactured ingredients that do not have any negative effects. 

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