Use Anti-Aging Serums with Caution Platinum Delux ®

Use Anti-Aging Serums with Caution

Use Anti-Aging Serums with Caution


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Aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines are not always welcomed, especially when they seem to be appearing prematurely. There are different kinds of anti-aging products in the market designed to improve collagen production, so that the skin can retain more moisture and regain lost elasticity as a result of aging. Most people have found refuge in these types of products, but your choice of product is largely going to determine the kind of results you get.
Are you certain about your skin type?
This is not only important for those with sensitive skin, but for everyone. It is for the simple reason that a serum that is designed for dry skin might not offer good results on oily or normal skin. Identifying skin type is the first step towards getting the best anti-aging serum. If you are unsure regarding your skin type, consult a dermatologist who can guide you.
What about the ingredients?
Apart from repairing damage, you also want a serum that will keep the skin well-hydrated and restore its former glow. It is necessary to check the ingredients, as they help to find out more about any side effects. The more natural the ingredients in your serum, the fewer issues you will have with unwanted after effects.
Use our Botanical Bio Thermal Serum

As you age, your skin becomes direr and more wrinkled as moisture is lost rapidly. But if you use the Botanical Bio Thermal Serum on a regular basis, your skin’s natural barrier function becomes more powerful, so the skin stays properly hydrated at all times. Squalene is an intense moisturizing ingredient, which helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, while plumping up dehydrated and dull skin. Hyaluronic Acid alleviates dryness, speeds up healing, and helps aging skin retain much-needed moisture. Collagen gives the skin a boost, and enhances blood circulation, so elasticity improves big time! You can use the serum on your face and neck.

Tips to remember while using the Botanical Bio Thermal Serum
How to use this serum in the best possible way? Here goes:
• Use your serum in your daytime and nighttime routine. During the day, apply a thin layer of your serum under your broad-spectrum sunscreen to help repair skin and protect it from sun damage and pollution. Apply it at night once more before going to sleep.
• Apply your serum after your exfoliant, but before your daytime or nighttime moisturizer. At night, you can even mix your serum directly into your moisturizer to save a step. Please don’t do this with your daytime moisturizer with SPF, as you don’t want to dilute your sunscreen.
• Be patient – it could take some time before the effect of the serums become noticeable. While you will see some improvements right away, the signs of damage fade after a few weeks of usage, and the skin looks and feels healthier.

Start using the Botanical Bio Thermal Serum with its impressive ingredients before the signs of aging becomes prominent. This way you will be on track for a more even complexion and firmer, healthier skin as you age.

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