6 Reasons Why Your Skin Might Be Freaking Out Platinum Delux ®

6 Reasons Why Your Skin Might Be Freaking Out

6 Reasons Why Your Skin Might Be Freaking Out




You might be picking up on an unusual rash or just a whole lot of zits. Don't worry, though! There are many reasons why your skin would decide to go to war with you. Here, we've listed six common explanations for all the blemishes and red bumps that have been popping up more than usual.


Read on to find out what's wrong with your complexion and how you can remedy it!



1) Your Products Are Too Harsh


You might be slathering on the cleanser before bed, but did you know that harsh products can cause a lot of damage over time? This includes everything from makeup removers to soaps, toothpaste, facial masks, and exfoliants. When you’re using the product, your skin is absorbing it; however, when you wash it off in the morning, it can cause more harm.


2) You’re Too Stressed (Breathe!)


If your skin decides to take a nap every time you're feeling tired or emotional, then that could be a reason for the redness and flakiness. Of course, this can also happen when you’re just not sleeping well. Stress takes a toll on your body and skin.


3) Your Diet Is Flawed


Although over-the-counter skin products are generally okay, they can interact with certain medications and cause even more irritation than before. If you're on any medications, check with your doctor first to make sure it won't cause your skin to break out.


4) You’re Overdoing The Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO)

Getting rid of acne shouldn't mean wearing a mask every single day. When you're treating your breakouts, BPO products should be used as needed; otherwise, it could create an unnecessary dependence on the product.


5) You're Not Taking Care Of Your Face Enough


Find alternatives to powder cleansers and make up removers with natural ingredients like facial oil or just like platinum deluxe moisturises your skin more often.


6) You’re Sweat is Mixing With Your Skin Care Products


Many people often forget that sweat does not mix with our beauty regimens. We use products designed to cleanse and protect our skin, but those same products are actually causing an unnecessary reaction that can make your skin break out.


You may notice that when you wash some of your new products down with a cold shower or warm bath, your skin is reacting as if it’s been burning. This is because the product itself is not according to its claims. They're cleansing and softening, but they're also causing your pores to get irritated by over-washing the product off. The main way this happens is through clogged pores — one of the main causes of acne — which then causes more blockage (leading to more irritation).


7) Your New Products Are Doing More Harm Than Good


You’ve worked hard to find the right combination of products and treatments to solve your skin woes, so it can be really upsetting when something goes wrong. We get it! The most common cause for skin reactions is usually a reaction to an ingredient that's normally gentle on your skin, but could just be too much for you at the moment. The good news is your skin can quickly recover from a reaction!


Allergic reactions are caused by allergies to particular ingredients in a product. They generally occur during the first week of use, but some people also have delayed allergies to certain ingredients that only show up over time (particularly fragrances).



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