Try these Holiday skincare routine this summer with #PlatinumDeluxe Platinum Delux ®

Try these Holiday skincare routine this summer with #PlatinumDeluxe

Try these Holiday skincare routine this summer with #PlatinumDeluxe


When you travel, maintaining your skin routine can be tricky. Whether you're jet-lagged, want to avoid the stuffy aeroplane cabin, or just want to break from your usual itinerary, there are a few simple things that you can do to keep the condition of your skin in good shape. Here are some holiday skincare routine for travelling.


1. Keep things as similar to your usual routine as possible.


2. If your favourites don’t come in travel sizes, get creative:


3. Consider bringing a personal humidifier: it may not be necessary all of the time but it will provide relief when needed!


4. Pay special attention to your eyes and lips.


Keep Things as Similar to Your Usual Routine as Possible


Whether you’re at home or travelling, your holiday skincare routine should be consistent. While on vacation, it’s easy to let go a bit and indulge in activities that are outside of your normal routine, but if you want to maintain healthy skin, it is important to take care of yourself just like you would at home. If possible, avoid unhealthy temptations and continue to eat well and exercise as usual.


If Your Favourites platinum products Don’t Come on holiday skincare routine, Get Creative


Most skin care products come in sizes that are pretty large. If you don't plan to use them all before they expire, or if you would prefer not to transfer a full sized product into travel containers, there are a few ways that you can re pack your favourite products. You can purchase smaller or trial size versions of your favourite products, or if they aren’t available, you can look into other options. You could also repackage them yourself using smaller containers or even zip top bags! (Just make sure that they seal securely.


Consider having a personal humidifier with you in your hotel room or suitcase while travelling abroad to keep your skin moisturised.


Pay special attention to your eyes and lips. Dryness is temporary so use eye serum for platinum deluxe or lip balms as soon as they become uncomfortable, before they turn into nasty chapped skin.


Use antibacterial soap and gentle cleansers on your body, especially between your toes because water collects there (more than anywhere else!) during/after showers or when you swim.


Pay extra attention to what you eat and drink, staying away from raw vegetables, fruits and juice.


Get a professional facial detox mask every couple weeks if you're prone to acne breakouts.


Sleep on a low pillow (1-2 inches) which is more comfortable for your neck and shoulders.


Consider getting in the habit of flossing your teeth at least once daily.


Maintain general hygiene by washing your hands often (continue to apply antibacterial lotion) and avoid touching your eyes, face, ears and head unless it's been washed.


Stay away from alcohol as it dries out the skin and is hard to moisturise afterwards.


Get sufficient rest during travel, keeping a light eye mask or sleep mask close by if recommended by your doctor.




When travelling, it is essential to always pack the products you will be using. With skin care products, travelling can often be a bit of a challenge. They are normally heavy and difficult to carry around with you while also keeping them in good condition and preventing any damage that may occur during transit. However, Platinum Products from the USA have just been released that are luxurious yet weightless and compact which means they are perfect for carrying around during travelling. This blog post will explain some of the best features about this product as well as give examples of how to use them properly.


Platinum products are made with platinum particles to improve the condition of your skin by removing dead skin cells. This results in a clearer, fairer and brighter complexion. Here are some examples of Platinum Products that have just been released:


1. All About Eye Kit


This is an all-in-one eye kit that contains all the essentials you will need for your eyes such as eye cream, an eyeliner pen, and an illuminating pencil. The kit also comes with a guide on how to use each product properly for best results. The eye cream is also known to reduce puffiness and dark circles, making your under-eyes look younger. This kit is perfect for those travelling to ensure they have everything they will need while away.


2. All About Hands Kit


This kit contains the same products as the one above but for your hands. The kit has all the essentials required for hands such as an anti-aging hand cream, a massage oil, and an exfoliating glove in a travel bag for when you want to take it with you on the plane or go travelling in general.

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