5 Reason to Add Vitamin C Serum in your Skincare Routine: Platinum Delux ®

5 Reason to Add Vitamin C Serum in your Skincare Routine:

5 Reason to Add Vitamin C serum in your Skincare Routine: 

Vitamin C is a very important ingredient to boost your energy as well as pure active cells of skin. Vitamin C plays a very important role in giving proper nutrition and nourishment to your health as well as your skin. The sairam which have major Vitamin C ingredient in it that's why it is known as the best serum for the skin treatment because they have some major advantages for skin tone such as:

Increase new collagen:

Vitamin C in your skin helps your skin nature to increase new collagen in your skin and it helps to boost yourself for new active nourishes in your skin. Vitamin C induces mRNA by fibroblast  that's why Vitamin C is the best source of collagen production. If you want to produce collagen in your body without Vitamin C it is just not possible. Vitamin C plays a role as an antioxidant in your skin and it helps to produce collagen production which helps to protect your skin cells from any damage.


Protection from UV radiations:

UV radiations are known as ultraviolet radiations which directly come from sunlight and in the summer season this sunlight affects the skin very much because that is directly observed in the skin and makes your skin nature dark ok and dry. Protect your skin from these UV radiations you have to use Vitamin C serum for your skin care routine This UV radiation protection is available in every Vitamin C serum because Vitamin C is specifically used for protection of your skin from any dust particles and damage.

Diminish scars forever:

Scars on the skin look very even and it will become effective to your personality because cars are prominent on your face and they are really heard by makeup. you have to apply a lot of cosmetics to hard the scars and the patches. To get rid of the scars and the marks you should use Vitamin C serum because this is very beneficial for your skin as well as you do not have to apply a lot of cosmetics to to hide the scars you can permanently diminish them by using this serum and this year will surely very effective on every skin tone.

Light your dark spot:

You can use this Vitamin C serum in every age there is no age limit to use this serum because they have specifically all kinds of advantages you can use in every age of skin. This Vitamin C serum is very beneficial to lighten up the dark spots of your skin because it helps to boost your skin cells and all the dark patches on your skin become vanished by the passing time as you regularly use this serum.

5 reason to add Vitamin C serum in your skincare routine:

Helps to smoothen your skin naturally:

You might use more than one cream to make your skin smooth and silky but it goes all in vain due to some specific reasons that all dreams are not meant for your skin tone. Secondly you should not apply or experiment with any of the ingredients on your skin. Vitamin C serum is all in one serum. It is very helpful to make your skin smooth and silky at every age and no one can judge your age by your skin tone or nature.

How to use this Vitamin C serum as a skincare routine?

  • You should apply it after cleanser:


 you should apply this Vitamin C serum on your skin after cleansing your face properly to make sure that no cosmetic or product is applied on your skin before using the serum because this serum is enriched with natural ingredients and it will not suits your skin if your skin is already used any of the ingredients other than serum.

  • Use this serum before going to bed:


 Make sure that you should use this Vitamin C serum before going to bed at least two hours before going to bed because if you you go to bed directly after applying this serum it will not affect your skin because it will attach with your sleeping pillow and some more bacteria attach with the pillow will attach with your skin and it will make your skin damage more so this point is very important to use this serum before going to bed.

  • Make sure of combination:


Before buying any of the serum you should make sure that the ingredients using the serum are suitable for your skin because not every serum is is in graded by the ingredients you want that's why I make sure before buying any of the ingredients must read their description and make sure that it should be suitable for your skin.

5 reason to add Vitamin C serum in your skincare routine:
  • Store it at right place:


Do not store this serum in any hot temperature. You should store the serum at your room temperature directly under the fan or under the air conditioner so that the ingredients should not be detoxified. Storing the serum is very important if you store it at room temperature it will be used for long term.

  • You should be relaxed:


Mind games are very important if you are using any of the serum aur cream because if you are not satisfied and you are not sure about the product you are using you will not get positive results in quick time. you should be relaxed and you should clear your mind before using any of the serum that you have to get their positive result out.

  • Use rose water:


 rose water is naturally extracted from the flour and it is naturally added in the water so it is very beneficial for any of the skin after you cleanse your skin you should add a drop of rose water in your tissue and clean your face then if you apply serum it will get more result and beneficial for your skin tone. Rose water is a forever product and he should use it on every skin tone.

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“I use and recommend Platinum Lux Vitamin C Serum that have a combination of vitamin C, that vitamin C in particular can prevent brown spots, reverse damage from ultraviolet rays, and stimulate the growth of new collagen

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Does Platinum Lux Vitamin C Serum really work ?

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