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Basic Skincare Products that Prepare Face for Makeup

Basic Skincare Products that Prepare Face for Makeup

Skincare is just as important as makeup. It can be the difference between looking gorgeous and looking ghastly. And it's not just about washing your face and moisturizing every day; there are other products that you need to have on hand. If you're going to wear makeup, then these four basic skincare products should be in your bathroom cabinet:


Cleansers are the first step to any skincare routine, and they're important because they keep your face clean. Cleansing removes dirt and makeup from your skin, which keeps it healthy and looking its best. You should use a good cleanser every day--you don't have to use it every time you wash your face (that would be overkill), but having one around will make your life easier when it comes time for wiping off that extra foundation or stray eyeliner smudge.

To get rid of dead skin cells that can clog pores, try using an exfoliator before applying a cleanser: this will help prevent breakouts by getting rid of old skin cells so new ones can grow in their place! Some people prefer manual exfoliators like scrubs made with natural ingredients like apricot kernels or walnut shells; others prefer chemical ones containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid instead (these work faster than physical scrubs). If possible choose both types depending on what kind of results you want--manual scrubs tend to be gentler than chemical ones but may not reach down deep enough into pores if they're really clogged up with dirt & oil build-up."


Toner is a facial product that removes excess dirt and oil from the skin. Toners can also help to tighten pores, which makes them a great choice for people with oily or combination skin.

It's important to note that there are different types of toners: some have exfoliating properties while others do not; some contain alcohol while others do not; some contain AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) while others do not; some are intended for all skin types while others are only appropriate for particular ones (for example, sensitive). If you're unsure which type would be best suited for your needs, ask your dermatologist!

Toners are usually applied with cotton pads--you may want to keep these on hand as part of your skincare routine at home so that they're readily available when needed!


Moisturizing is one of the most important steps in skincare. It helps to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, which prevents dehydration and dryness. Moisturizers also provide a barrier between your skin and the environment so that harmful pollutants don't get into your pores or irritate them in any way. Applying moisturizer after cleansing, toning, and exfoliating is recommended because this allows it to be absorbed by clean skin more easily than if there were still dirt left on top of it from washing off makeup with cleanser earlier in the routine (which would then require additional cleansing).

Moisturizers should be applied thinly--don't slather on a thick layer! This will only clog up your pores further without providing any real benefit for those who have oily or combination types of complexions; if anything else happens when using too much product at once (like irritation), then consider cutting back on how much product goes onto each part of face at once until comfortable again before increasing usage over time as needed again later down road somewhere down same road somewhere else perhaps somewhere far away from here but close enough where we can still see each other even though far away enough not completely out sight range yet either way...

A Good Eye Cream for Under Eye Circles and Wrinkles

Eye cream is a must-have for under eye circles and wrinkles. Eye creams help reduce puffiness, which can be caused by lack of sleep or allergies. There are many products out there, so do your research before buying one!

Eye cream should be applied at night before bedtime. This will give it time to soak into the skin while you sleep and prepare it for makeup application in the morning

These are the 4 basic skincare products that prepare the face for makeup.

These are the 4 basic skincare products that prepare the face for makeup.

  • Cleanser - This is a gentle cleanser that removes dirt and oil without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

  • Toner - A toner will help even out your skin tone and prep it for moisturizer and/or SPF protection by removing any excess dirt or makeup left behind by your cleanser, while also balancing out pH levels in order to prevent breakouts. The key here is finding one with no added fragrances or dyes so as not to irritate sensitive skin types (like mine!). I love this one from Kiehl's because it's affordable yet effective at getting rid of impurities without irritating my sensitive complexion!

The four products mentioned above are the most basic and essential skincare products you need to prep your face before applying makeup. They will help you maintain a healthy complexion, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and keep your under eye area hydrated throughout the day. If you want more information about how these products work or where to find them online, check out our blog post on "What Are The Best Products For Aging Skin?"

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