The best-smelling skincare products The best-smelling skincare products Platinum Deluxe® Cosmetics

The best-smelling skincare products

The best-smelling skincare products

What makes a good-smelling skincare product? It's not just about the scent. The ingredients in the formula also play a part. If you want to smell great, here are some of our favorites!

Platinum Deluxe® Cosmetics

Aesop Resurrection Plant Essence is a gentle, alcohol-free toner that helps to hydrate the skin and improve its texture. It contains a blend of plant extracts, including lemon balm, thyme flower/leaf oil and calendula flower extract. These ingredients are known for their soothing properties--especially when applied to sensitive areas like the face!

The fragrance comes from petit grain oil (a citrus fruit) as well as lavender essential oil. These scents complement each other nicely; they're both fresh with hints of floral-ness but not overpowering at all. The overall effect is very soothing and relaxing--perfect before bedtime!

If you're looking for something gentle yet effective enough to replace your daily moisturizer or toner then this could be it! While it's pricey ($60 USD per bottle), it does contain 75 ml worth of product so it'll last awhile if used sparingly every day (about 2 pumps).

Vapour Organics Skin Oils

The Vapour Organics Skin Oils are some of the best-smelling skincare products out there. They smell like rose, but not in an overpowering way--it's a subtle scent that you'll notice without being overwhelmed by it.

The oil is great for dry skin and can be used as both a moisturizer (you just have to make sure your face isn't too oily before applying) and as an overnight treatment, which helps improve the appearance of acne scars and blemishes. It also works well with any other Vapour Organics product you may want to use on your face--I've found that mixing this with their facial cleanser makes for an awesome combo!

The price is right too: $40 per bottle or $18 per ounce when buying directly through them online (you can also find these at Sephora).

Tata Harper Skin Care

Tata Harper is a Canadian-based skin care company that was founded in 2004 by Tata, a former model and actress. The company's products are made with natural ingredients and are free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates (chemicals commonly found in many skincare products). They also avoid synthetic dyes and fragrances.

The brand's best-selling product is the Resurfacing Mask ($70), which uses glycolic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells while evening out skin texture. You can use this mask once or twice weekly depending on how much time you have available for self-care rituals!

If you need something less intense than an overnight peel but still want to see results from using acids on your face every day (like me!), then try the Cleansing Oil ($60). This lightweight formula removes makeup without leaving behind any greasy residue--it feels almost like water going on!

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate

The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate is an award-winning product that helps with dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. It also hydrates skin and helps with eczema and rosacea.

The best part of this product? The smell! It has a fresh citrus scent that isn't overpowering or too sweet -- just right for those who aren't into overly fragrant products.

Sunday Riley C.E.O Rapid Flash Brightening Serum

The Sunday Riley C.E.O Rapid Flash Brightening Serum is a brightening serum designed to reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It uses vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and lactic acid to do this, as well as other ingredients like peptides that help with collagen production and antioxidants that fight free radical damage.

This product smells really good! It's not too strong or overpowering--just enough to make you feel like someone has given you a hug when you put it on your face in the morning (or night). The scent lingers for a while after application but isn't too overwhelming during the day either--it just adds some extra oomph when you need it most!

This serum also comes in an alcohol-free version if you prefer not having any alcohol products near your eyes or mouth area; however all of Sunday Riley's products are cruelty free so there should be no issue using either formula regardless which one works best for each individual person's own unique needs/preferences

Dr Jart+ Water Drop Sleeping Mask

When it comes to skincare, there are few things more important than hydration. And for anyone who's ever tried to get a good night's sleep in a hot room or on an airplane, you know how dehydrating it can be to sleep in warm conditions--particularly if you're wearing makeup or have oily skin.

A hydrating sleeping mask like Dr Jart+ Water Drop Sleeping Mask will keep your skin feeling refreshed and ready for whatever comes next (like an early morning meeting). The formula is rich in antioxidants that help prevent premature aging by protecting the skin from free radicals caused by pollution and UV rays. Plus, it contains hyaluronic acid which helps boost moisture levels deep within the dermis so that when you wake up looking refreshed instead of stressed-out!

These products will give you the most pleasant skincare experience.

You can make your skincare routine a more pleasant experience by choosing the right products. The following list will give you some ideas of what to look for when shopping for skincare products that have a pleasant scent:

  • Look for fragrances that are natural and not overpowering.

  • Avoid products with artificial scents or strong perfumes, as these can irritate sensitive skin and cause allergic reactions in some people.


We hope you've found this list of the best-smelling skincare products helpful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!

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