What is taninoplasty? Everything you need to know about this straightening treatment Platinum Delux ®

What is taninoplasty? Everything you need to know about this straightening treatment

What is taninoplasty? Everything you need to know about this straightening treatment


Have you ever dreamed of having very straight hair and forgetting about frizz, and you still don't know what taninoplasty is? This treatment may be the definitive one to achieve it. Read on if you want straight but healthy and shiny hair. We are going to tell you something that interests you.


Let's get to the grain. Taninoplasty is a hair treatment that not only smoothes hair - this is its main task - but also softens, repairs and hydrates it in depth to restore vitality to your hair. This is precisely what makes taninoplasty such a special treatment, and that is that, unlike other straightening techniques, it is much less aggressive with your hair and has fewer side effects. It does not dry it out, it does not break it, and it does not make it opaque.


If you have ever undergone one of these treatments, you have probably seen that, in addition to the fact that the effects are not too long-lasting, your hair suffers, dries more easily, and even breaks. As a solution to these problems, taninoplasty was devised, a method that can be applied to all hair types to heal, control, and shape them and that, finally, it manages to end the frizz effect.


We confess it: taninoplasty has conquered us. But, how does it manage to straighten our hair without damaging it? Because it is a 100% natural procedure that does not alter the hair's internal structure. For this reason, it can be applied to straight and curly, thicker or finer hair; dyed, bleached or natural; fatty, dry and mixed, and even pregnant or lactating women. In addition, being an eco-friendly treatment, people with allergies and health problems can resort to it.


If you are interested in natural cosmetics, committed to caring for the environment, or are seduced by the ecological lifestyle, taninoplasty is the perfect treatment for you and your hair.


What exactly is taninoplasty?


This procedure, which uses specific ingredients, is performed only in trained beauty salons and takes approximately 180 minutes. Prices are between 200 and 300 euros. To begin, the hair is washed with a natural and sulfate-free shampoo. After drying, the mixture containing the tannins is applied strand by strand. Meanwhile, the hair and scalp are massaged to penetrate the product.


Let it rest for half an hour for your hair to absorb it, and then rinse it off with plenty of water - at a not too high temperature. To finish and allow the tannins to adhere and activate in your hair, the hair is gently ironed, and, finally, a mask without rinsing is applied.


It is the perfect treatment for those who want to avoid applying chemicals to their hair or have very sensitive hair. Thus, taninoplasty only uses organic ingredients, tannins, preservatives of plant origin in the skin of grapes and the bark of trees, specifically oak and chestnut. Applied to the hair, these tannins act inside the hair fibers and build a protein chain within them. Then, when you apply the iron or the dryer, they are activated to straighten the hair and hydrate it simultaneously. In this way, taninoplasty does not alter the composition of the hair but nourishes it to make it more silky, shiny, and resistant.


What are tannins?


These natural preservatives have powerful antioxidant properties, very beneficial for both our body and our hair. By nourishing and hydrating the hair in-depth, it ensures that the effects of the treatments in which they are applied are very long-lasting - approximately up to 6 months. Thus, it is ideal for maintaining the straightening, defining curls and waves, and regenerating the stacked fibers. Thanks to this, taninoplasty eliminates frizz.

What is the difference between taninoplasty and Brazilian straightening?


First, that taninoplasty is a technique that uses only natural ingredients. On the other hand, unlike Brazilian straightening, taninoplasty allows several straightening and definition levels, which is impossible to achieve with the first one. In addition, Brazilian straightening applies a moisturizing product that forms a superficial film, so it is not highly recommended for oily hair. On the contrary, taninoplasty acts organic, and from within, so the result is very natural.


When to resort to taninoplasty?


As we say, all hair types would benefit from taninoplasty. But the manes where we will most appreciate hydration and nutrition will be in frizzy and dry manes, where the results of hydration and nutrition will be even clearer.


Depending on the rate at which your hair grows, the effects will last more or less. As we have said, it lasts up to 6 months - although it can go up to 8 months - but it is possible that, if your hair grows relatively quickly, you will notice that the roots are less smooth after three months. However, and it is another of the advantages of taninoplasty, you can resort to this treatment as many times as you want. Sounds good, right?


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