Why Models recommend Platinum Lux Creams Collection Platinum Delux ®

Why Models recommend Platinum Lux Creams Collection

Why Models recommend Platinum Lux Creams Collection 

Platinum deluxe is the best skin care brand among all skin care brands. It designs more than ten products per year which are manufactured under high hygienic environments and it is more rated because of its suitability for all skin types. Yes you read right it is designed for all skin types with no harmful effects on the nature of skin. I would like to share some new creams collection and their common ingredients and benefits of applying it on every skin.


Following are the cream collection by platinum deluxe:

These are the new collection of platinum:

  • Phantom mud masks
  • Led anti aging cream
  • Platinum eye cream

These three are the newest creams collection of platinum deluxe brands

These are manufactured not only for all skin types but also resolving all skin issues without any harmful effects. Each one of them performs its function efficiently i would advise you to try these cream as your skin care routine products


I would like to share their common ingredients:

  • Aqua (water)
  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Vitamin C
  • Asbortic acid
  • Moisturizer
  • Special platinum serum

These five to six ingredients are found common in all creams product by platinum deluxe. Now I would like to share their benefits for skin tone and hydrating.

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Benefits of using these creams on skin:

These ingredients have very common benefits 

Vitamin C source is best for skin toning and to refresh your skin nature

Whereas, platinum and titanium is also beneficial for both skin nature and it is used in cream to increase its reactivity and for brightness and glow . Moisturizer and serum is used to hydrated the skin nature i am sure you also care for your skin nature so use these cream as your skin nature routines for better skin routine and to inspires other. Click Here to see products.

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