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10 Foods For An Antiaging Diet

What age should I start using anti-aging products?

Unhealthy habits accelerate the development of many chronic and degenerative diseases. Oxidative stress is one of the main culprits is caused by an imbalance between the inevitable production of free radicals in the body and the ability to defend them.



The antioxidant foods counteract oxidative stress and supporting tissue that was gradually inflaming and damaging them. Antioxidant nutrients such as vitamins C and E, provitamin A, and the minerals zinc and selenium help in collagen formation, the protein that forms the structure of the skin, bones, and organs.



Many compounds found in plants have a similar effect. It would help if you also had enough protein to promote proper tissue renewal. Other factors that decrease oxidative stress are good physical activity, rest, deep breathing exercises, or positively taking life. 



One of the keys to healthy aging is moderation. Never eat until you are fed up. Another is to do minor fasts regularly to stimulate regeneration. Also eat, regularly, the following foods to give more years and health to your life.




Tempeh, probiotics, and amino acids


Tempeh is another source of probiotics. In this case, in addition to the beneficial bacteria, you get amino acids to form collagen. Chickpea tempeh can be marinated with tamari and mustard.


Add chickpea tempeh  2 times a week.


Matcha green tea, rich in antioxidants


The matcha green tea is one of the best antioxidants for its richness in chlorophyll, minerals, and catechins, the antioxidants of green tea. In this case, you multiply the dose because you take the whole leaves in powder form.


Drink 1 or 2 cups every day.


Walnuts, rich in Omega-3


The nuts are the most decadent in omega
 -3 fat, with more anti-inflammatory action. They are also a source of protein and minerals. They can be somewhat indigestible, but if you soak them one night, you eliminate antinutrients and multiply their benefits.


Take 5-7 each day.


Turmeric and ginger, the antiaging roots


Turmeric and ginger can not miss in the pantry by anyone wanting to prevent aging. Both have an anti-inflammatory capacity, are very easy to use, and give flavor to preparations.


Consume  2 slices of ginger a day. Also, do not stop using turmeric powder daily.


Black grapes with resveratrol


The grapes are rich in one of the most effective antioxidants, resveratrol. Antioxidants are found under the skin, and many leave an astringent sensation.


A large bowl every 2-3 days.


Red pepper provides essential antioxidants.


The pepper is very rich in vitamin C and provitamin A, essential antioxidants. Raw retains its properties but is baked and peeled. It is more digestive.


Eat half a red pepper a day.


Forest fruits, protection against free radicals


They are very low in sugars and very dense in protective substances against free radicals. They are ideal for adding to smoothies or frozen to make healthy ice creams. Wild ones are more nutritious.


Incorporate 1 handful daily into your diet.


Sunflower seeds to delay aging


They contain a high proportion of healthy fats and vitamin E, an antioxidant that slows down aging. Take them soaked and rehydrated or lightly toasted.


Eat 21 tablespoons every day .


Goji berries provide vitamin C


The small goji berries are rich in vitamin C and with a high antioxidant capacity since they contain a high amount of minerals and vitamins.


Take  1 tablespoon daily.


Water kefir to improve your intestinal health


Its fermentation in pure sugary water gives rise to a carbonated drink with a great variety and quantity of beneficial microorganisms for intestinal health. The state of the intestines is reflected in the skin.


Drink 1 or 2 glasses of water kefir a  day.


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