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A More Soothing Way To Exfoliate Your Skin

A More Soothing Way To Exfoliate Your Skin 

Fostering a skincare routine is a good way to carve out a little me time, and the gentle act of applying creams and serums to your face and body can be remarkably soothing; especially after a busy day, it feels indulgent to focus and switch off — instilling a sense of calm, encouraging you to pause in a moment of self-care.


Being kind and gentle to yourself and your skin doesn’t mean eschewing exfoliation, as it’s a valid step to consider as part of your daily regimen — especially as we get older. The new wave of exfoliants may seem intimidating at first — acids don’t always sound gentle — but Dermalogica’s new release offers a soothing way to polish your skin. The enticingly named Daily Milkfoliant features a considered balance of ingredients; a chemical exfoliant with a very mild physical exfoliant, it’s gentle and suitable for many kinds of skin.


Why does my skin feel drier than it used to? The rate of cell turnover slows as we age, leaving skin appearing dull and feeling rough. It’s a process known as desquamation or the shedding of dead skin cells, which younger skin does brilliantly, but the process slows over time, leaving a build-up of dead skin cells behind. But the good news is this: a proper exfoliation routine for the face and body can help remove the layer of dead skin cells that build up on the skin’s surface, reviving skin.


The benefits of buffing are many, promoting healthier, brighter skin with a strengthened skin barrier. Regular sloughing is said to prevent pores from clogging and spots from forming, not to mention it stimulates the skin’s collagen synthesis to improve skin texture, tightness and tone. Properly exfoliating skin can help moisturisers and serums better penetrate the skin’s surface, meaning your makeup glides on seamlessly instead of sitting on top of dry skin.


A Dermalogica expert would always recommend you start with a double cleanse to help remove pollution and make up. Rinsing with warm water will help to soften skin and open pores, which aids in the exfoliation process and the removal of dead skin cells. After cleansing, dispense a half-teaspoon of Daily Milkfoliant into wet hands, and rub hands together to build a creamy lather. Apply this to your face using gentle, circular motions, taking care to avoid the delicate eye area. Massage for one minute, then rinse thoroughly before continuing with the rest of your skincare regimen.


As with most skincare, selecting the right exfoliant is often down to skin concern and preference. The Dermalogica team advises proceeding with caution when shopping the shelves, and suggests you seek the advice of a Professional Skin Therapist for a recommendation. However, the great news about the new Daily Milkfoliant is that since it is so soothing and restorative, that it is suitable for all skin types and concerns.


Serious about skincare, Dermalogica is here to quash claims that exfoliation can only be a weekly practice. As the name suggests, Daily Milkfoliant is a gentle powder exfoliant that can be used every day, but if the thought of incorporating it into your daily routine straight away feels intimidating, consider chatting to a skin therapist before you start. They may advise you to ease your way into it by using it two to three times per week to gradually introduce it to your skin.


Daily Milkfoliant is brimming with calming yet efficacious ingredients which help to remove dulling surface debris to promote a more even skin tone and texture — gentle enough to use every day, it harnesses a combination of chemical and physical exfoliants, alongside skin soothers.


Fruit-based grape extract and arginine are rich in AHAs and BHAs to polish the skin’s surface. These chemical based exfoliants work by lowering the pH of the skin, helping to dissolve the dead skin cells on its surface and superficial layers. Daily Milkfoliant offers physical exfoliation too, thanks to oat bran extract. This, along with coconut milk, also helps calm, soothe and condition the fresh skin underneath, while saccharide isomerate and hyaluronic acid boost the skin’s moisture barrier to leave skin hydrated and healthy-looking.


The vegan formula is suitable for all skin types, and comes housed in a bottle crafted from per cent recycled plastic, meaning it’s kind to both skin and planet. Clinically proven to smooth skin calmly, Dermalogica’s research suggests that per cent of consumers experienced significant smoothness after just one use. As the third iteration in the foliant franchise, this skincare newbie draws on years of expertise to deliver a powder exfoliant that helps to smooth and soothe all skin conditions in one fell swoop, daily.


Dermalogica Daily Milkfoliant g, $, is available from authorised Dermalogica skin centres, department stores, Life Pharmacies and online at Dermalogica.nz


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