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    Beauty Tips Take Your Looks to the Top — Platinum Collection



    Use of honey for skin care:

    Honey is a natural extracted organic product used for healthy skin routine and balancing your diet. Honey is used for both health and skin management. There are many additives added in the honey but you have to choose the product of honey e to apply on your skin carefully because you never know there might be some ingredients added in the honey e e that are allergic to your skin health. There are some benefits and major use of honey in the skin treatment as following:

    • To have a glass Skin tone for long term to avoid cosmetic surgeries 
    • For making healthier skin

    Benefits of using honey on skin treatment:

    There are many tricks to use Honey on the skin and some additives are added with honey to apply on the skin tone to make your skin bright, shiny, smooth and glass like texture etc.  

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    Why waterproof mascara is better than ordinary mascara

    Why waterproof mascara is better than ordinary mascara Platinum Delux ®

    Why waterproof mascara is better than ordinary mascara:

    Mascara is a beauty product because it is getting advanced with the passage of time and beauty development in every country. Every brand has launched beauty products including mascara but there are various kinds of mascara.

  • Liquid mascara
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Thick layer mascara
  • Benefit of having mascara in your beauty products:

    Mascara is applied on the eyelashes and it is used to get the hairs of eyelashes giving volume to eyes because it will help you to prominent your eyes texture in your facial characters. As we discussed earlier, mascara are of many kinds and every mascara has its own specialty. 

    Liquid mascara:

    Liquid liner is of black color and it is thin layered mascara. It is used for short eyelashes to make them elongated and in proper shape. Liquid mascara is easily removed. There is a thread that liquid mascara does not last long in the summer season.

    Waterproof mascara:

    One of the best products in beauty products is waterproof mascara which is really recommendable for every female because we don't know no where the environment falls.

    Waterproof mascara stays in eyelashes for a maximum 24 hours and no drop of water can disturb mascara texture.

    Thick layer mascara:

    Thick layer mascara is in liquid form and it has thick coverage. Thick layer mascara seems to be heavy to apply as compared to other mascara. This mascara will appear to be artificial eyelashes.

    How to apply mascara?

    There are different methods to apply mascara on every eyelash it's upon a person's choice.  The best mascara applying method is to apply your eyelashes horizontally. It will help you to enlarge your eyelashes in an easy method. When you apply horizontally and you use waterproof mascara this will help you to stay the mascara for a long time.

    French Female Beauty Hacks

    French Female Beauty Hacks Platinum Delux ®

    French females inspire every other country's women when it comes to the determination of natural beauty worldwide.

    So it is important to look forward to their daily skincare routine and acknowledge it by comparing your skincare routine with a French female skincare routine. French females have a modern mindset about the beauty skincare routines and are always used to experiment with homemade remedies on their skin other than the client's different products that they haven't used for. investigate their skincare and hacks and try to adopt their hacks in your daily skincare routine as well such as following:

    Don't touch your skin:

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    Habits of a female who always look Gorgeous (By Temptalia)

    Habits of a female who always look Gorgeous (By Temptalia) Platinum Delux ®

    Habits of a female who always look Gorgeous

    Every woman has her own skincare routine with her own favorite beauty and skincare products but to make sure that whether this skincare routine is suitable for your skin or not the first question that arises in the mind is how to know if the skincare routine we are using is suitable for our skin or not? 

    Simply judge your skin after applying it twice a day if your skin feels soft and smooth and with no puffiness, it means that your skincare routine is suitable for your skin naturally.

    Habits of a female who always look gorgeous

  • Keeping skin hydrated:

  • The first step in the best skincare routine is to keep your skin hydrated there are many ways to keep your skin hydrated either with moisturizer or serum another way is to drink a lot of water the women who have a gorgeous skincare routine used to drink a maximum of 9 to 10 glass of water a day to keep their skin hydrated and active.

  • They don't keep their lips dry:

  • Dry lips look very uneven on your skin and it blocks your personality because those who do not have hydration used to look dry and patchy. This is a very important point in the skincare routine that you do not keep your lips dry. You should frequently use lip balm, lip oil to hydrate your skin. This will not only make your lips hydrated but it will help to make your lips like a baby lips pink color.

  • Using wipes every time:

  • Wipes are very beneficial not only for infant children but for women who have very sensitive skin. They should always use a wipe tool on their face because towels and tissues have some hard products used that can dry your skin and make your skin rough. I prefer what wipes to use because they do not only wash your face nicely but keep your skin saturated and protected from dust particles.

    Platinum Deluxe team worked on our unique platinum formula for years before bringing it to market. We took our time to perfect the use of precious metals along with other antioxidant ingredients to create silky, moisturizing products that would stand out from others in the industry. We also use collagen-boosting natural ingredients to help retain skin elasticity for a bright, youthful appearance every day. 


    Platinum is an antioxidant, which means it is capable of fighting free radicals (harmful compounds found in the skin). This property helps to reduce inflammation that can cause redness, puffiness, and uneven skin tone in the face. Platinum is also a catalyst to the chemical reactions necessary for your skin to absorb moisture and regenerate. This helps to keep the skin plump, smooth, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


    Platinum is a powerful skincare ingredient on its own, but with our specialized formula adding collagen and other antioxidant ingredients, there is no more powerful skincare agent on the market that can claim the same anti-aging effects. Our products help keep your skin healthy, radiant, and resilient to damage over time. 


    Platinum Deluxe is redefining skincare, and we are mavericks in the industry. Our formula has helped change the lives of thousands of women around the world, and we want it to change yours next. 


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    Meeting Modern Industry Standards

    We never compromise on quality. All of our products are manufactured in the USA under the strict supervision of licensed professionals. This includes sourcing the highest quality ingredients and ensuring all products are shipped well before expiration so you receive the greatest value for your purchase. At Platinum Deluxe®, you’ll get what’s best for your skin.

    Model Beauty Secrets (Makeup Edition) by Emily DiDonato

    Model Beauty Secrets (Makeup Edition) by Emily DiDonato Platinum Delux ®

    Beauty  Tips to make your skin glow even without makeup:

    Beauty with makeup is just artificially beautifying yourself and your personality. but inside everyone wants a clear skin with a skin glow even without using makeup. Every beautiful skin required some special skin care routine and some care to keep the min glow texture. Our blog will introduce you with some tips to make your skin glow even without using makeup. In fact we want your skin to become naturally glowing skin that doesn't even want to have makeup to beautify itself in front of society.

    Natural masks

    Some natural ingredient masks should be used in your skincare routine daily to make your skin glowing and charming. natural mask includes:

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