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8 Small Ways You Can Increase Your Overall Confidence

8 Small Ways You Can Increase Your Overall Confidence

Confidence is being secure and positive in yourself. It's important to know your worth, believe in yourself, and step out of your comfort zone. But these are easier said than done. Knowing how to change negative thoughts, dealing with judgmental people, and recognizing your strengths can be challenging.


There are simple ways that you can boost confidence in your day-to-day life. Having more confidence will give you a better sense of self. It'll help motivate and direct the way you act towards others. There are three components of confidence: self-esteem, self-efficacy, and resilience.


1. Dress Neatly

Confidence starts from the way you present yourself. If you look put together and clean, you'll feel more confident. Sloppy clothing isn't just a sign of laziness; it can make you less confident in your appearance. Dressing nicely is a simple tip to boost your confidence and make others more comfortable around you. For instance, if your shirt is tucked in neatly, you'll feel more confident shaking someone's hand.


2. Smile

Take a moment before you walk into a room and smile. It can put you in a better mood and make others feel comfortable around you. Smiling releases endorphins making the mood improve. You may not feel like smiling, but forcing yourself to can greatly change your outlook on things. If you have trouble smiling, get the help of a friend. Sometimes it's the little things that bring out a smile.


3. Apply Makeup

You can boost confidence by applying makeup. Most people do it every day, but did you know that it can help boost confidence? There are a ton of ways to apply makeup. Even special types of cosmetics boost confidence, such as eyeliner and lipstick. You can try out nail polish and see the difference in how others react to your appearance.

How you look can make a difference in how others treat you. For instance, when you apply a lip gel that is flattering to your natural color, people may notice your lips more and approach you.


4. Compliment Someone

A more subtle way to boost your confidence is by complimenting someone when you see them. It doesn't matter if you're in public or not; giving a compliment can show others that you respect them and make them feel good about themselves.


For instance, if you see a bag that looks good, say something positive. If you see someone who looks like they're dressed well, tell them. Whether in public or not, tell a friend how well they look.


5. Speak Confidently

Speaking confidently can be tricky if you are shy, but you don't have to be a parrot to get the point across. But you do have to understand how your body works to speak confidently. Fear of speaking out can make people feel uneasy around you. Confidence isn't being loud and obnoxious; it's being polite and soft-spoken.


6. Exercise

Exercise is important for several reasons. It can increase your energy, improve your motivation in life, and inspire you to act out in different ways. It also helps by improving your self-esteem. Physical activity can make you feel better about yourself. Like makeup can boost confidence, working out can do the same for your body image. When you lose weight, your clothes will fit better. Working out also encourages you to look your best for a certain event.


7. Find Something to Do

Find an answer to all of the time that you have. It's important to know what you like as a hobby. If you have something you're passionate about, it'll make you happy and give you a sense of direction. Find something that will inspire you and make your days brighter. Fill the time with activities such as volunteering and hobbies that reflect your interests.


8. Ignore Inner Critic

It's easy to get critical of yourself. Everyone has an inner critic that is always judging everything about them. The inner critic can destroy your confidence and keep you from acting out. Instead of listening to the inner critic, please ignore it. Don't let it get in the way of what you want to do in life. It would be best if you didn't listen when it says you're not good enough or stupid. The key is to minimize negativity and focus on the positive things in life.



When it comes to confidence, not everyone is the same. There are many ways that you can boost your confidence. You must find ways that work for your lifestyle and personality so they don't drain your confidence. Various strategies can help you develop an excellent sense of self-esteem.

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