Use the Resurfacing Night Cream for Rejuvenated Skin Platinum Delux ®

Use the Resurfacing Night Cream for Rejuvenated Skin

Night Cream

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A common misconception about night creams is that they are only for people who have wrinkles and fine lines or have noticed early signs of aging. However, people as young as in their early 20s should begin incorporating night cream in their regimen, even if they have no visible signs of aging. The trick is to start taking good care of your skin from a young age before any issues crop up.

Try the Resurfacing Night Cream


This Resurfacing Night Cream stimulates the skin and boosts the cell renewal process. Any buildup of dead skin cells is removed from the surface of the skin, which reveals luminous and younger looking skin. This night cream is gentler on the skin as compared to traditional exfoliation, while having the same effect. It nourishes and smoothes the skin, while trading in the dry surface cells, along with any dirt, grime, etc. Thus your skin gets a radiant glow and you wake up feeling good!


Why use the Resurfacing Night Cream?


Remember your skin requires sufficient hydration to look its best. While drinking plenty of water helps to a certain extent, you also need to use the right products, like the Resurfacing Night Cream to keep it moist. Here’s what it does for your skin:

  • It moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated.
  • Removes all impurities from the skin and is extremely gentle.
  • It not only replenishes the skin’s moisture, but it has anti-aging benefits too, so when you wake up, your skin looks refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Unlike other night creams, this product is quickly absorbed by your skin and doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue.
  • This intensive treatment allows you to keep your skin looking more youthful for a longer period of time.

How to apply the cream?

The very first step is to cleanse your skin and remove all traces of dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities, or the cream won’t work. This is the best way to end a long day! Wash off with face wash and gently pat dry. Follow up with a toner. Proper cleansing and toning will allow your night cream to work its magic without any interference.

Start by pumping the night cream onto your fingertips. Put a dot of product on your forehead, nose, chin and each cheek. Once the dots are on, simply massage your night cream into your skin in an upward and outwards motion.When working underneath the eye, you have to be careful and start closest to the tear duct and gently work outward in a light tapping or circular motion. Don’t pull or stretch the area, this could result in wrinkling or sagging. Don’t forget to apply the night cream on your neck as well because signs of aging can manifest in that area.

Remember that night cream is very important when it comes to nourishing and hydrating your skin. The best part is it works while you are in dream land, so you don’t have to do any work at all! Go ahead and get it for yourself!


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