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5 makeup tricks to look younger that work

5 makeup tricks to look younger that work

t is an open secret that there are makeup tricks to look younger. The most important thing is to choose the right products and, above all, to apply them correctly to avoid the opposite effect. Professional makeup artists recommend going for classic combinations and avoiding certain extravagant trends.


The first and most important thing is to prepare the skin well. You have to follow a daily beauty routine so that the face is juicy and nourished. The double cleaning of Asian women is 100% recommended so that the products that are applied next penetrate better and have more effect.

The heaviest impurities are first removed with an oil-based product, then the lighter ones with a water-based product. As simple as that!


One of the big mistakes that many women make when putting on makeup on their birthday is using too many products to make the signs of ageing less visible. But the effect is just the opposite.

For this reason, professional makeup artists insist that less is always more. When foundation and powder are abused, they tend to settle on wrinkles and fine lines and are more noticeable.


One of the most important makeup products is the foundation. In order to look younger and not wear yourself out, the ideal is that it is light and luminous, with moisturizing properties. Of course, the tone should be that of the skin, never again.

When testing the foundation shade, doing it on the back of the hand is one of the most common mistakes. Ideally, do it on the neck.


One of the great makeup tricks to look younger is to use the highlighter to make the skin look juicy and fresh. Of course, it must be applied to strategic points on the face, and always in the right measure: the outside of the eye and temples. You can also brighten the face by applying a little coconut oil to the cheekbone area, where the bone is marked.


Although dark tones are a trend in the world of makeup, they are not the best option to rejuvenate the face. The ideal is to choose soft shadows, which bring light to the eyelid and the look as a whole. Neutral tones are a sure hit for a bright and young look.

These are the main makeup tricks to look younger. Remember that less is more, and make the light foundation, highlighter and soft shadows your best allies.

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