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    7 Day skincare challege

    7 Day skincare challege Platinum Delux ®

    7 Day skincare challenge:

    As you have seen on social media there are many challenges going up on different topics such as skin care routine, makeup challenge, workout challenge, diet challenge etc. We are going to take 7 days skin care challenge and the topics included in it is:

  • Skincare ingredients
  • Time for skincare routine
  • Location for skincare routine challenge
  • Skincare ingredients:

    In your 7 days skin care challenge, the important thing to be noticed is the ingredients you are going to use in this challenge because 7 days is a shoe time period to examine the ingredients absorb and benefits. Ingredients are the strongest part of your skin care routine challenge. If you suppose you get a bad ingredient which is unsuitable for your skin in this challenge it can permanently damage your skincare. You should take the ingredients which are suitable for your skin's nature and ingredients according to the weather and environmental conditions around.

     Time for skincare routine

    Time period is a very important point in a skin care routine challenge in which you have taken in seven days because sometimes you feel low and you apply skin care products on your face if you are not relaxed or not in a good mood there are less chances of getting positive results from the skin care routine challenge.

    Choose a specific time to apply your skin care products on your face in 7 days so you can figure the best products for your skin care.

    Location for your skin care routine challenge:

    Location play a major role in your skin care routine challenge which you have taken in seven days sometime you are travelling and you have got a normal skin care routine products and the environment where you are is cold or hot alternative to your skin care products it might get bad result out because of the environmental conditions you should take the skin care products according to the environment and according to your skin care routine.

    French Female Beauty Hacks

    French Female Beauty Hacks Platinum Delux ®

    French females inspire every other country's women when it comes to the determination of natural beauty worldwide.

    So it is important to look forward to their daily skincare routine and acknowledge it by comparing your skincare routine with a French female skincare routine. French females have a modern mindset about the beauty skincare routines and are always used to experiment with homemade remedies on their skin other than the client's different products that they haven't used for. investigate their skincare and hacks and try to adopt their hacks in your daily skincare routine as well such as following:

    Don't touch your skin:


    Why Platinum Lux Vitamin C Serum Is Best For Skincare Routine?

    Why Platinum Lux Vitamin C Serum Is Best For Skincare Routine? Platinum Delux ®

     Lux Vitamin C Serum 

    Skincare is a sensitive and important thing. Caring for your skin is the same as caring for your personality. It should be handled carefully because the entire skin damage can damage your attitude among society. Vitamin C is very important for skin care and every skin care routine must have Vitamin C products or Vitamin C added in their routine for naresh mint of the skin in and enhancing the skin cells permanently because Vitamin C is naturally extracted vitamin and it is very helpful on every skin nature.


    5 makeup tricks to look younger that work

    5 makeup tricks to look younger that work Platinum Delux ®

    5 makeup tricks to look younger that work

    t is an open secret that there are makeup tricks to look younger. The most important thing is to choose the right products and, above all, to apply them correctly to avoid the opposite effect. Professional makeup artists recommend going for classic combinations and avoiding certain extravagant trends.


    How to clean your brushes you use while applying makeup

    How to clean your brushes you use while applying makeup Platinum Delux ®

    How to clean your brushes you use while applying makeup:

    Brushes mean the tools all products you usually  use to apply makeup for better finishing and long term staying. Brushes are of different kinds and each one specialised for a specific function that I will be discussing below.

    What are make up brushes:

    Brushes you generally use for applying makeup and better result because makeup is the only thing that beautifies your skin artificially and it looks elegant and modern.