Everyday gestures to look 20 years younger Platinum Delux ®

Everyday gestures to look 20 years younger

Everyday gestures to look 20 years younger

Everyday gestures to look 20 years younger


1. Get enough and correct sleep

Health specialists from all over the world insist that adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night to stay physically and emotionally healthy. The lack of sleep directly affects the skin as it reduces the production of estrogen and progesterone, a hormone that is essential to activate the process of skin regeneration. Little sleep makes our face look tired and the skin ages faster.

But when it comes to looking younger, the posture we sleep in matters too. Sleeping face down pressing our face against the pillow causes more wrinkles to appear and that when we wake up we have a swollen face. By sleeping on your back, this accumulation of fluids is avoided and in the morning we will look fresher. An easy trick to apply.

2. Use moisturizers

Everyday gestures to look 20 years younger

Luckily, creams have long ceased to be the exclusive heritage of women. The care and hydration of the skin are also necessary for men. Using a moisturizing cream every day is a simple Natural Skin Care to look 20 years younger that does not take more than a minute and whose anti-ageing effect is almost immediate, the skin will look smoother and fresher from the beginning and by not being dry we avoid the appearance of premature wrinkles.

But not only do you have to take care of the face, but it is also important to use a cream on the neck and hands. These two parts of the body, often forgotten, are usually the ones that most reflect the passing of the years, therefore, to look younger it is important to pay attention to them.

Our hands are one of the most “suffered” parts of our body, we are not used to protecting them from the sun or any other external agent and over the years the skin dries up, loses flexibility and spots appear. So if we don't want to show off aged hands that make us look older, we have to start taking care of them.

3. Do a few minutes of facial gymnastics every day

Everyday gestures to look 20 years younger

We have already said before that physical exercise is a way to feel and look young and of course, it is worth as an anti-ageing trick, but there is another gymnastics that also helps, facial gymnastics.

Although we often forget it, our face and neck are full of muscles that over the years lose flexibility and strength. Massages and tension and relaxation exercises help to tone those muscles and avoid that unpleasant image of flaccidity that makes us look older.

4. Healthy diet with many antioxidants

Another simple way to look younger is by taking care of what we eat. The lack of vitamins and minerals reduces the luminosity of the skin and accelerates the ageing processes of the entire organism. To avoid this, there is nothing like increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, oily fish, olive oil, legumes and fibre, reducing fried foods, industrial pastries and red meat.

And as far as possible, it is best not to abuse salt, salt promotes fluid retention and, among other things, makes those unpleasant bags appear under the eyes that age a lot.

5. Drink lots of water

Water is good for everything, it helps us lose weight, improves blood circulation, purifies the body and keeps us hydrated.

Our skin is one of the greatest benefits when we drink at least 2 liters of water a day helps in Dehydrated Skin. A hydrated skin prevents (or at least delays) the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes, as well as the appearance of spots and wrinkles. The effects of increasing water consumption are immediate, the mirror does not lie. Quicker and easier than getting a facelift!

6. Maintain healthy and white teeth

A smile showing white teeth always projects an image of more youth. In addition to daily cleanings and professional checkups, there are homemade tricks like salted lemon juice or baking soda to keep teeth white. Eating green foods is another good strategy, as its fiber helps prevent plaque formation.

But it is also important to avoid things that yellow your teeth like coffee, tea, dark soda, or tobacco. By the way, tobacco ages your skin a lot and weakens your hair and nails, so if you smoke and want to look younger, quitting would be a great way to start. Also, don't forget that many studies have shown that for every ten years that a person smokes, they age two and a half years more.

7. Walk upright

It seems obvious, but we do not always take into account that poor walking posture is not only harmful to the back and bones but also makes us look older.

Over the years we tend to walk leaning forward so it is important to pay attention and always try to keep your back straight and with your shoulders slightly back. This posture will not only make us look younger but will help us feel good and optimistic. That easy!

8. Control of alcohol consumption

Nothing in excess is good and alcohol much less. In addition to all the damage it causes to the body, alcohol dehydrates the skin, making it look dry, sagging and dull.

Although a glass of good wine with a certain frequency can be beneficial, abusing it or any alcoholic beverage is not advisable, especially if what we want is to delay ageing. Alcohol increases the production of free radicals, those that produce the dreaded oxidation of cells, and therefore accelerates the ageing processes.


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