Take Care of Your Skin with Love Platinum Delux ®

Take Care of Your Skin with Love

Take Care of Your Skin with Love

Our skin is an extensive organ, which must receive care and affection. The cosmetic products are used from birth, throughout life, daily and more than once a day. As well as our diet and physical activity, special care is needed with what our skin will receive and absorb. Thus, we seek excellent integral and continuous health.


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Always consult a dermatologist

The monitoring of a professional is essential to help identify the specific treatments that each skin needs. 

Skin care in adolescence: which products to use?

Each teenager should use a soap and facial moisturizer suitable for their skin type and without chemical components that can be harmful.

We take the opportunity to present the platinum Lux collagen cream for makeup skincare, which is natural, vegan and with organic inputs, free of petrolatum, sulfate, and dyes and synthetic fragrance.

It has an astringent, toning, stimulating, drying, bactericidal and healing action. Indicated for oily and acne prone skin, it balances the pH of the skin, helping with the treatment of acne, reducing the appearance of comedowns and controlling excess oil.

Basic skincare for oily teen skin

1st Step: Wash your face with the Oily Skin Soap, gently massage your face and then rinse.

2nd Step: Apply the Oily Skin Cream, because oily skin also needs adequate hydration.

3rd Step: Apply sunscreen.

We emphasize that it is important to consult a dermatologist for a specific analysis of each skin and indication of the products.

What types of products should teenagers avoid?

Very aggressive products (that cause dry skin, such as those with high concentrations of sulfates), or oily and occlusive products (such as ointments or thick creams) should be avoided.

Non-essential cosmetics, such as makeup and nail polish, should be avoided whenever possible. There is no safe age for the use of these cosmetics and there are low quality products.


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